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  • What is the storage capacity of Pureit Classic device?

    Pureit Classic can store 9 ltrs. of purified water at a time, but the total volume of the Pureit classic device is 23 ltrs

  • How much water can the 'Pureit Classic ' water purifier system purify in one day?

    Every time you fill the top chamber of a 'Pureit Classic' water purifier with water, all of it will get purified, and will collect in the transparent chamber within a few hours. So you can keep filling the top chamber as often as you need. However, you must ensure that there is one inch of empty space left in the transparent chamber, and that you don't then pour any more water into the top chamber. If you don't do this, or if you forget to withdraw water from the transparent chamber, the system has been designed to overflow from the side. You may repeat as many cycles a day as you require.

  • How long does it take for the water to get purified?

    The average flow-rate of the Pureit water purifier will depend upon the quality of the water that is put into the Pureit system, and may also vary with the life of the Pureit Germkill Processor. The flow-rate through the system will typically be in the region of 30-150 ml/min. This means that 9 litres of water would get purified in 1-5 hours, depending on the quality of input water. Please note that the flow rate will be much higher than that in the beginning of the Pureit Germkill Kit™ life. Whenever you feel that the flow from your Pureit water purification system has become unsatisfactorily low, you can wash Activated Carbon Filter. Cleaning will remove accumulated dirt on the Activated Carbon Filter and will improve the water flow. Please follow Activated Carbon Filter cleaning instructions mentioned in Troubleshooting. It must be remembered that the first time you use the system, and anytime else when you empty the Cleansing - Collection chamber (such as after prolonged nonuse) no water will come out into the transparent section for a few hours. This is because the Cleansing - Collection chamber has to get re-filled with water.

  • Will my Pureit Classic remove salts and oils from water?

    Input water may contain many materials which affect the taste of water. Of these, Pureit removes materials like oil, sand, soil, clay, dirt, decayed animal and plant waste, and harmful pesticide impurities and is therefore likely to improve the taste of water. However, Pureit does not remove some dissolved salts that may contribute to taste like sodium chloride salt, calcium and magnesium. In fact, Pureit retains some ‘good’ dissolved salts present in drinking water. This may affect the taste of water.

  • Can one pour brackish (slightly salty) water into Pureit Classic ?

    Yes, the water will be free of harmful germs, but there may not always be an improvement in taste. However, by pouring brackish/sea water into the Pureit, there may be a risk of choking the system, and the ‘Auto Shut-off’ mechanism may malfunction.

  • Sometimes there is a chlorine-like smell near the 'Germkill Processor', is this a problem?

    No, this is not a problem. The final stage of Pureit Classic i.e. Polisher removes all the residual chlorine from the water, giving you absolutely safe, odor free, great tasting and safe drinking water from the transparent chamber.

  • Water purified from Pureit has distinctive taste?

    The first batch of water that gets purified in your new Pureit, or from a new 'Germkill Kit™', should be drained away when it collects in the transparent chamber. This batch of water may have a distinctive taste and needs to be drained out by opening the tap. It should be noted that even though the first batch of water may have a distinctive taste, it is completely safe, even if accidentally ingested. Once you drain away the first batch, you will get pure and great tasting water in subsequent batches.

  • Can there sometimes be particles in the water stored in the transparent chamber?

    The first batch of water that gets purified in your new Pureit, or from a new Germkill Kit, should be drained away when it collects in the transparent chamber. This batch of water may contain some black particles that have got loosened from inside the Polisher during transit. Black particles may also appear as a result of shifting or tilting Pureit or when you are using Pureit after several days. It should be noted that these black particles are a part of the Polisher’s specially designed porous filter derived from natural coconut shell and are therefore completely safe, even if accidentally swallowed. To remove these black particles, pour the collected water back into the top chamber and rinse the transparent chamber with Pureit water to remove any particles that may be stuck to the sides.

  • Pureit Classic didn't fully remove the colour from the input water. Is the water safe to drink?

    In some cases, as with colloidal clay suspensions and with soluble salts of calcium, magnesium, iron etc., the turbidity and colour may not be completely removed. In these cases please ensure that there are no deposits or scales in the Transparent Chamber – if these are there then clean them by using a disinfectant. Rinse the Transparent Chamber thoroughly with Pureit water. Once this is done, the output water will be microbiologically completely protected from harmful germs even if some colour persists.

  • If my water contained a very large amount of visible dirt and turbidity, can we pour it into the Pureit system?

    We advise that you let the water stand in another container for some time until most of the dirt settles down. Now pour the water into Pureit. This will ensure that the system does not get prematurely choked.

  • Is the plastic of the water purifier safe to use?

    The Pureit system, and the Germkill Kit™ has been made from good quality, food safe, non-toxic engineering plastics. These plastics will also not impart a smell to the water. Similar plastics are used in all high quality refrigerators.

  • How hygienic is the tap?

    The tap will come in repeated contact with hands, bottles and glasses. You need to ensure that as a result of these contacts the tap does not get contaminated with germs. In case you do find that the mouth of the tap has become dirty, clean and disinfect it with a dilute disinfectant such as bleach / hypochlorite (50 ppm available chlorine) solution then discard the first 2 litres of Pureit water that flows through the tap.

  • Can one shift the 'Pureit Classic' water purifier from one place to another?

    Yes, this can be done. If you are shifting the purifier from one location inside the home to another, we would advise that you first remove the water from the top chamber, the batching chamber, the transparent chamber, and the Cleansing Collection chamber, only then shift the purifier. If you have to shift the purifier to a location outside your home you also need to ensure that the purifier is properly packed for transportation. Do not use the purifier for getting drinking water while it is being transported. Also, if the device is out of use for more than 3 days, then on starting to use again, throw one cycle of water from transparent chamber

  • What happens if some part of the Pureit breaks accidentally?

    If some part of Pureit breaks accidentally, please call Pureit helpline-16627. We will arrange to send you a replacement part. You will however have to pay for the replacement part.

  • Can one get the water coming out of the Pureit purifier tested for germs?

    Yes, we can arrange to do that for you if you wish. Please call us on our Pureit Helpline No. 16627, and we will arrange to get a water test done for you. This service will carry a fee.

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