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10 Crore Challenge

Pureit Classic 14 litres and 23 litres, challenges you that if you find any other point of use in-home gravity (non- electric) water purifier unit which is commercially manufactured and sold in India and meets all the safety criteria part of the Pureit Promise in accordance with the terms and conditions below, then Pureit will give you Rs. 10 Crores (after applicable taxes) (Challenge).

Pureit Promise

  • Meets the tough microbiological (germkill) standards of USEPA i.e. 6log removal of bacteria; 4 log removal of viruses; 3 log removal cysts.
  • Has 'Auto Shut-Off' mechanism which switches off the flow of water only when the life of Germkill Kit processor (purification kit) of the purifier is over and indicates the need for replacement, thus ensuring you never drink unsafe water or make unnecessary replacements of your purification kit.
  • Higher amount of Carbon content as part of the purification process, for removal of odour and enhancement of taste.
  • Only Pureit Classic 14 litres and 23 litres offers these essential safety features unlike any other in-home non-electric water purifiers within the price range. So go ahead and give your family the best protection they deserve.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions comprise the complete agreement between you ("user") and HUL in relation to the Challenge by Pureit Classic 14 litres and 23 litres in this regard. You understand that the participation in the Challenge and submitting your entry via the page www.pureitwater.com, shall be deemed acceptance of all the terms and conditions herein governing this Challenge, as may be applicable from time to time.


Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) agrees to pay Rs. 10 crores to any person who can bring to us any commercially manufactured and marketed in-home non-electric point of use drinking water treatment unit (water purifier) within the territory of India, subject to the terms and conditions herein, and has all the features of Pureit Promise specified below, which HUL believes only Pureit Classic 14 litres and 23 litres water purifiers have:

Meets USEPA's stringent germ kill standard (For safe drinking water, USEPA's germ kill guide standard recommends log 6, log 4, and log 3 reduction of harmful bacteria, viruses & disinfectant resistant parasites respectively and would translate to removal of one crore viruses from one litre of water). The device needs to meet the above criteria throughout the claimed life of the consumable, under the 'Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers (USEPA 1987).

Has a mechanical 'Auto Shut-off' mechanism/apparatus in the unit. This apparatus automatically shuts off the flow of water only when the life of the germ kill processor of its purification kit is over and indicates replacement to prevent drinking of any unsafe water and unnecessary replacement of component.

Higher amount of Carbon content in the water purifier than Pureit Classic 14 litres/23 litres, as part of the purification process for better removal of contaminants.

Eligibility to Participate

  1. The Challenge is open to any Indian adult citizen who has purchased an in-home non-electric water purifier in India and verified meeting all three safety features, offered by Pureit Classic 14 and 23 litres.
  2. No employee, agent of Hindustan Unilever shall be entitled to participate in the challenge.

Eligibility of Device

  • Other water purifiers from Pureit are not eligible for the Challenge. In other words, only non-Pureit water purifiers are eligible for this Challenge.
  • The non-electric water purifier (Device) should be Commercially Manufactured and Marketed in India, which shall include:

Only those non-electric purifiers which are manufactured and marketed commercially in India. No imported purifiers shall be eligible to participate in this Challenge.

To participate in this challenge, the in-home non-electric water purifier should be commercially sold i.e. available for purchase for consumers in minimum of five (5) cities/towns and should account for at least one (1) percent market share in the non-electric water purifier category in the territory of India.

Any water purifier under research or manufactured only for internal consumers, not commercially sold as required above, will be excluded from this Challenge.

  • The product offered in response to this challenge must be a ' non-electric water purifier' meant for in-home use. Products meant for institutional/industrial / factory use are not eligible. Further the product must be a 'non-electric water purifier unit' and does not include standalone powder, liquid, tablet or mobile travel jug.
  • It must be a device commercially manufactured and sold as a point of use in-home Non-electric Drinking Water Treatment Unit (DWTU).
  • The water purifier should be commercially manufactured and marketed in India prior to 31st December, 2016, before the start of the Challenge.

How to take up the 10 crore challenge?

The Claimant needs to test the in home non-electric purifier at his/her own cost in an independent NABL or ISO accredited lab with water purifier testing in the scope to verify that the criteria for the Challenge is met.

One needs to fill up the form on the website: www.pureitwater.com with the required details. The time of the submission of claim as captured by HUL's servers is final and binding, and will be the basis for determining the order in which claims have been received.

Once the claim is lodged along with the required documentary support, the same shall be verified internally by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

If the claim is found satisfactory post verification of the documents, the claimant shall facilitate the purchase of the water purifier (device) by HUL for retesting, within 15 days of the request of HUL. In the event the participant is unable to facilitate the purchase of the device due to any unavailability, the challenge entry shall be invalidated.

HUL shall send the purchased device to an independent NABL/ISO accredited lab appointed by HUL with water purifier testing in the scope, for testing the technical claims and the decision of such lab shall be final and binding.

After the independent verification, the claim shall be scrutinized internally by Hindustan Unilever if the in-home water purifier offered in response to this challenge meets all three safety features together with the additional terms and conditions herein.

The claimant shall share all necessary and relevant information requested by Hindustan Unilever to assess the validity of the claim or documents thereof.

The claims with attachment files which are not readable, corrupted, etc., due to any technical and IT reason or otherwise, including claims without necessary supporting documents shall stand disqualified.

General Terms

The Challenge has started on 11th January 2017.

Pureit will pay only one Challenge prize of Rs. 10 Crores (Rs. Ten Crores only) & the prize shall be given to the First Valid Claimant (winning claimant) basis the date of submission of challenge entry, if any, and the Challenge shall cease to exist thereafter. The results of the Challenge and the name of the successful Winner if any shall be notified within a month from the identification of the Winning Claimant.

The winnings i.e. the amount Rs. 10 crores from HUL shall be provided to you after deduction of applicable charges and taxes under law. All other applicable taxes if any shall be borne by you i.e. the Winning Claimant.

Hindustan Unilever Limited disclaims all warranties with respect to any defects or deficiency in the network, connectivity or information technology infrastructure involved in the process of Challenge. If the claims received are lost due to any IT issue or otherwise, Hindustan Unilever Limited shall not be held responsible.

Incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified.

Hindustan Unilever Limited or its partners shall not be responsible for non-receipt or late receipt of entries or any documentation for the same.

HUL reserves the right to alter, modify or change the terms and conditions of this Challenge, including but not limited to withdrawal of the Challenge, at its sole discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason.

Decision of HUL will be final and binding with regard to success of the Challenge and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

After successful challenge, the winning claimant shall be required to execute an agreement, after which the prize money shall be paid by Hindustan Unilever Limited after deduction of necessary taxes. In case of joint winning claimants, the amount shall be paid to all the claimants in equal proportion, subject to the completion of the formalities mentioned.

The payments to successful winning claimant shall be made within 3 months of notifying the winner of the Challenge, subject to completion of all formalities.

If at any time, including after disbursement of award funds, any information is found to be incorrect, false or otherwise misrepresented, the claimant(s) has to refund the amounts received from HUL for the successful completion of the Challenge. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into Mumbai, India and the courts in Mumbai alone will have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any proceedings in any way relating to or concerning this Agreement or any rights, duties, obligations or liabilities arising there under to the exclusion of all other courts in India.

Documentation requirement

US EPA Microbiological Standard Compliance Certificate- A report from any independent NABL/ISO accredited lab with water purifier testing capability in India of lifetime test of the device/water purifier to meet Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers' (USEPA 1987).

Carbon Content Certificate – From any independent NABL/ISO accredited lab with water purifier testing in the scope in India certifying that your in-home non-electric water purifier has a higher carbon content than Pureit Classic 14 litres/23litres.

Auto Shut-Off Documentation- To establish it has an Auto Shut-Off mechanism which ensures that you will never ever have unsafe water.

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