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Water and Health

Eat right, drink right is the secret to a healthier life.

Every day, your body needs water to rejuvenate and stay hydrated.
The water you drink is the core essence of life so it’s always important to drink pure.

Understanding Water Purification

What are the different kinds of water purifiers? Find the best one for you.

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Now that you have decided to bring home a water purifier, it is important to make a good choice. All water purifiers have their own specifications and benefits, but it is crucial to find the one that suits your needs.

Here’s all you need to know about different kinds of water purifiers:

What is a gravity-based purifier?

This water purifier uses the force of gravity along with a filter to purify water. It does not require electricity or running water. As the water flows from one section to another, all the visible dirt and pollutants are eliminated. Additionally, an activated carbon module removes parasites, virus, and other impurities, making the water safe for consumption.

What is a UV (ultraviolet) water purifier?

This water purifier uses UV rays to remove the virus and harmful germs present in your drinking water. It helps you protect your family from water-borne diseases. The UV water purifier is one of the most efficient purifiers to disinfect water and it runs on electricity.

What is an RO water purifier?

This is an electric water purifier that functions on reverse osmosis to give you safe drinking water. Its multi-stage purification process eliminates impurities, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), disease-causing contaminants, virus, and other bacteria, ensuring pure water. RO water purifiers are one of the finest purification systems available in the market today.

Comprehensive comparison chart:

Gravity-based PurifierUV Water PurifierRO Water Purifier
electricityDoes not require electricityelectricityRequires electricityelectricityRequires electricity
hard waterDoes not convert hard water (Khaara Paani) to soft water (Meetha Paani)hard waterDoes not convert hard water (Khaara Paani) to soft water (Meetha Paani)hard waterConverts hard water (Khaara Paani) to soft water (Meetha Paani)
germsRemoves most of the germs and bacteriagermsRemoves all germs including virusesgermsRO removes all viruses, germs and chemical contaminants
running waterDoes not require running waterrunning waterRequires running waterrunning waterRequires running water

Pureit encourages you to make a well-informed choice when purchasing a water purifier. Once you have picked the type that suits your needs, click here to explore our range.

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