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Product FAQs

A purifier for every requirement

  • How does Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF work?

    Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF has a 7-Stage Purification System which ensures you get water that is sweet and always safe. In the first stage, the water passes through the Pre-Sediment Filter which removes fine and coarse particulate impurities/dirt. The second stage is the Pre-RO Carbon Filter that removes chlorine and organic impurities like harmful pesticides. It also adsorbs bad taste and odour-causing organic compounds from water. The third stage is the Mesh Filter which removes the remaining dirt. Then the water passes through the RO Membrane at high pressure, with the help of an inbuilt pump. The RO Membrane removes dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury. It also removes microbial contaminants like bacteria, virus, protozoa and cysts. Fifth stage is a high intensity UV Chamber that acts as an additional stage of purification to further inactivate bacteria, virus and parasites to deliver safe water. After UV Chamber, water passes through a TDS Modulator that adds adequate quantities of essential minerals to the water. Sixth stage is the Post-RO Carbon Filter, which acts as a polisher and enhances the taste of purified water. Last stage is the Micro Filtration (MF) Membrane which added Post-RO and ensures that the water is purified not once but thrice!

  • What is the storage capacity of Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF?

    Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF has a storage tank capacity of approx 9.5 to 10 litres under running water. The process of filling the storage tank is fully automatic and when you take water out of the tank, the purification process automatically starts and refills the storage tank.

  • How much time it takes to purify water in Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF?

    Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF can purify water upto 24 litres per hour. However, the time taken to purify depends on the life of the filters, the input water pressure, TDS and other impurities present in water.

  • How will I get new Consumables/Membranes replaced?

    You need to call the Pureit Helpline and order for a Germkill Kit. Our technician will visit your place and replace the Germkill Kit at a nominal cost.

  • Why is the 'Tank Full' indicator blinking when I switched on the purifier for the first time?

    Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF has been designed in such a way that during the first time startup of the device, the 'Tank Full' indicator will blink for approximately 15 minutes and then normalise for usage.

  • Can I drink the first purification cycle of water from the purifier?

    No. After Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF is installed or whenever the Germkill Kit(s) are replaced, discard the first cycle of water (10 litres) that is filled in the storage tank.

  • What should I do if there is no purified water in the storage tank?

    In case there is no purified water in the storage tank then you need to first check for LED indications. If it shows Tank icon blinking post installation, there is no water supply then you can check whether the Ball Valve is closed or the power is off. If none of the above cases are true, please call Pureit Helpline.

  • Can I open and service my purifier?

    It is not recommended to open and service device by an individual. Call our Pureit Helpline if you face any issue which requires servicing and opening the device.

  • Can I use any type of water to purify through my Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF?

    Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF will purify 'potable' water for removal of hardness and other impurities to give you safe drinking water. If the input water has impurities normally not present in drinking water (high iron/ turbidity/ microbial contamination etc.) or water is from unknown source (river/lake/pond/borewell etc.) then suitable pre-treatments may be required.

  • The Advance Alert System did not give me 15 days warning before the purifier stopped working. Why is it so?

    There may be several reasons for this: While the Germkill Kits and the Pre-Sediment Filter have fixed replacement schedules, depending on your input water quality the Pre-Sediment Filter might need a replacement even before the purifier gives you an alert. In such cases, please contact Pureit helpline on 1860-210-1000 and get the Pre-Sediment Filter cleaned/replaced. Also, Advance Alert System will alert you basis the pump running hours. The purifier will communicate the alert only if the purifier is in a switched on condition during the scheduled alert time. Post the completion of the scheduled alert time, Auto Shut off of water will be activated automatically for the GKK, even if the purifier is in a switched off condition.

  • Does Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF remove arsenic, flouride and nitrates?

    Like other ions, the RO technology can also remove arsenic, flouride and nitrates.

  • Can I use the reject water?

    It is not recommended to use the reject water for any kind of consumption (drinking or cooking). It can probably be used for gardening or cleaning floors.

  • What should I do if any part of the purifier is broken?

    Please call the Pureit Helpline. We will guide you on the repairs required. You would need to buy the replacement parts at an additional cost.

  • What should I do if there is a leakage from the purifier?

    Turn off the Ball Valve and switch off the power, if you find any failure. Check for any visually improper fitments and then call our Pureit Helpline at 1860-210-1000 and register a service request.

  • How long the stored water in Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF can be used for drinking?

    You can use stored water for 2 days. If it is not used for more than 2 days we advice you to discard that water, refill and then consume.

  • Can the Pre-Sediment Filter or the other filter parts choke before the Advance Alert ?

    While the Germkill Kits and the Pre-Sediment Filter have a fixed replacement schedule, you might be required to change the filters in the interim depending on the quality of your input water. Should the tap flow rate be very less or if it is taking too long for the tank to fill, then please contact the Pureit helpline at 1860-210-1000 to change the membranes. These extra visits will be chargeable as per T&C.

  • How can I clean my Pureit Marvella Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF?

    It is recommended to clean dry or wet wiping by 3M mop cloth. Do not spray water on the device front cover as it may damage the electronic part. Do not use soap or hard cleaning detergents.

  • What should I do if the water from the purifier tastes unusual or the purification is taking more time?

    Please call the Pureit helpline at 1860-210-1000. Our technician will visit you and help you resolve all the issues.

  • What are the ideal usage conditions for an RO technology based water purifier?

    The point-of-use reverse osmosis drinking water treatment systems addressed by NSF-58 standard are designed to be used for the reduction of specific substances that may be present in drinking water supplies (public or private) which are considered to be microbiologically safe and are of known quality.

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