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Pureit Intella 12L

Pureit Intella 12L Water Purifier

MRP: 1,550
  • About the Device

    About the Device

    Pureit brings to you a water purifier that comes in a practical design with features that make sure you drink pure and fresh water.
  • Activated Carbon Trap

    Activated Carbon Trap

    Removes harmful pesticides and undesirable odour
    from your drinking water.
  • Germkill Life Indicator

    Germkill Life Indicator

    Gives you a warning before Germkill Kit™ needs to be changed


  • Break-Resistance Tap

    Break-Resistance Tap

    Tested upto 50,000 times to ensure that it lasts long

  • Practical Design

    Practical Design

    Doesn’t need electricity or expensive gas to purify water. Doesn’t need continuous water supply

  • Compact, Sleek and Covered Design

    Compact, Sleek and Covered Design

    Optimizes space and looks good in modern kitchen

  • Twist-Fit Fitments

    Twist-Fit Fitments

    Practical design makes it really simple to install and easy to use

  • Patented 4 stage Purification Process

    Patented 4 stage Purification Process

    Meets the stringent international criteria of US EPA (United State Environment Protection Agency)

  • HIPS / ABS body

    HIPS / ABS body

    Strong plastic to ensure purifier has a long life

Feature Image

5 Litre Water Storage Capacity


Specification for Water Purifier
  • Pureit Intella 12L Weight
    2.3 kgs
  • Pureit Intella 12L Total Purifier Volume
    Total Purifier Volume
    12 litres
  • Pureit Intella 12L Material of Construction
    Material of Construction
    Food safe, non-toxic , engineering plastics
  • Pureit Intella 12L Water Storage  Capacity
    Water Storage Capacity
    5 litres
Specification for Germkill Kit™
Pureit Intella 12L Purification Capacity

Purification Capacity

The Germkill Kit™ has been designed to typically give 1250 litres of water at a temperature of 25˚C, in moderate humidity conditions

Pureit Intella 12L Material of Construction

Material of Construction

Food safe, non-toxic, engineering plastic

Pureit Intella 12L Expiry Period

Expiry Period

2 years from the date of manufacturing

Pureit Intella 12L Germkill Performance Standard

Germkill Performance Standard

Meets stringent international criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA, for harmful viruses & bacteria removal

Refer the manual for more details.

Know your
Pureit Intella 12L Water heart

Here is the technology that makes your Pureit water purifier
a reliable source of pure drinking water.

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  • There is condensation in the transparent chamber. Is this a problem?

    This normally happens because of temperature differences. It does not affect the working of your Pureit and you will continue to receive ‘as safe as boiled water’.

  • What happens if some part of the Pureit breaks accidentally?

    If some part of Pureit breaks accidentally, please call Pureit helpline No. 1860 210 1000. We will arrange to send you a replacement part. You will however have to pay for the replacement part.

  • What should I do if it takes a long time to purify water?

    You need to check if the water discharge nozzle in the top chamber has clogged. If so, please clean it as recommended in the cleaning section. Also clean the Micro Fibre Mesh as recommended in the cleaning section.

  • What should I do in case of water overflow from the overflow port?

    Pureit Intella will allow overflow of water from the cleansing collection chamber overflow port when the Micro Fibre Mesh gets completely choked due to dirt and grime. In such a case you need to clean the Micro Fibre Mesh as mentioned in the cleaning section of Pureit Intella Instruction Manual. If the problem persists, please contact your nearest dealer for a replacement or call the helpline No. 1860 210 1000.

Product Manual

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