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Pureit Water Purifiers

Choose the water purifier that best suits your needs & budget


Buy RO Water Purifiers at Best Price

That features advanced 6 stage purification process and even provide you with a digital advance alert system that reminds you before the GermKill Kit™ expires. These purifiers use RO and UV technology to make water potable for you. A complete package for absolute health assurance.

Choose from a wide array of sleek, compact UV purifiers with an advanced alert system and purification process. The auto shut-off feature warns you when the protection needs to be updated, thus ensuring you always drink UV-purified, safe drinking water. A convenient choice, for sure.

Practical design, ease of use and pure water, now available for you at affordable prices. Made from food-grade plastic, the wide range of Non-Electric purifiers listed below meet your durability criteria. Every drop of water goes through 4 stages of purification that eliminates dirt, harmful pesticides, bacteria and viruses to give you clear, odourless and natural tasting water. What more could you ask for?

*MRP (inclusive of all taxes) for 1 unit.


  • Why do I need a Water Purifier?

    Water purifiers are important to get clean and pure water nowadays because tap water consists of contaminants that are not safe for drinking. Another benefit of drinking pure water, except that it provides safe drinking water, is that it improves the water's odor and taste. It also filters 99.1% impurities, including lead, clay, chlorine, salt, sand, silt, etc.

  • When should I use an RO water purifier?

    It is always suggested that you should buy an RO water purifier only if the available tap water has a high TDS level. The maximum TDS limit for safe drinking water is 500 ppm.

  • What are the benefits of using an RO water purifier?

    Water purifiers have become an essential part of every household. There are plethoras of technologies that are available in the market. The most significant one is RO water purifiers. But, before settling down, here are a few benefits of RO water filters that you must know:

    • They help in removing hazardous and disease-causing contaminants.
    • They help in improving the taste and odor of the water.
    • They help in removing heavy metals from the water.
    • They offer various health benefits like improves the digestive system, supports kidney function, and many more.
  • When should I use a UV water purifier?

    UV or Ultraviolet water purifiers kills harmful bacteria from the water, completely disinfecting it from pathogens. If the water in your area is less muddy and you want to kill bacteria effectively, then a UV purifier is all you need.

  • What is the price of a water purifier?

    Before you buy water purifier online, the first thing you must do is check the purifier's authentication. You can shop from many types of filters from like RO or reverse osmosis, UV or Ultraviolet, and Gravity-based water purifiers. Gravity-based water purifiers starts from Rs 1500 and can go up to 3500. RO water purifier price starts from Rs 9000 and can go up to 26000. UV purifiers start from Rs 7000 to 9000.

  • What is the difference between an RO and a UV water purifier?

    Although both RO and UV purifiers' main job is to kill all the harmful bacteria present in the water, there are many differences between them like, RO can remove dissolved salts and chemicals. They have a built-in pre-filtration system which works well with muddy water; RO also needs electricity to boost the water pressure. But UV filters cannot separate dissolved solids from the water; they are also not effective in ejecting muddy water. However, UV doesn’t need electricity and can work in normal water pressure.

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