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Water and Health

Stay hydrated and look beautiful and fit always.

Every day, your body needs water to rejuvenate and stay hydrated.
The water you drink is the core essence of life so it’s always important to drink pure.

15.10.2015 | Water and fitness

The ABCDE’s of Water and Weight Loss

The ABCDE’s of Water and Weight Loss

In today’s day and age, with the increased focus on healthy eating and correct weight, most people are fitness and diet conscious (and if you are nodding your head saying you’re not one of “those people”, well, it isn’t too late to join their bandwagon today!.

Here are 5 important facts to remember about water, if you are on a diet to lose weight:

Throughout the day
Sometimes, what feels like hunger pangs or that sense of an “empty stomach” is actually a sign of slight dehydration. So, make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you are on a diet. Otherwise you may think your body is craving that packet of chips, when really, all you need is a glass of water.
If you work in an office where you sit at a desk for several hours a day, keep a bottle of water at your work station, where you can see it, and try to have sips all day long.

Before you eat
People who want to lose weight are often asked to drink water prior to their meals, because as you can correctly guess, water seems to help fill the stomach and thus lowers a person’s appetite.
And it’s so much easier to resist that extra ‘vada pau’ or an extra piece of ‘gulab jamun’ if you are just too full to eat!

Creative ways to drink water
So you’re on a diet. Which means that a lot of the “good tasty foods” are probably off-limits for you (or you can eat it only on a “cheat day”).
If that’s the case, get creative with the water you are drinking. Introduce a cup of green tea or black tea in your day, or even a fruit-infused herbal tea. You could also try flavored sparkling water (available at the local grocery or coffee shop) or try your own recipe.

Diet foods that are rich in water
Certain low calorie foods are also great sources of water. Watermelons are believed to be about 90% water. Other options are cucumbers, oranges, celery stalks and tomatoes. Include them in your salad – or opt for these foods, along with a low-calorie dip, when you have a midnight snack craving.
Exercise and water
An exercise regimen should be part of your daily activities, irrespective of whether you are on a diet or not. But make sure you stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. The amount of water you need will depend on the level of intensity as well as the ambient temperature.

In general, drink 250 – 350 ml of water about 10-15 minutes before you start exercising. If you are not exercising very strenuously, drink about 100 – 250 ml water every 15-20 minutes. Drink water after you finish your exercise but make sure you are not “overhydrated”.
It’s best to talk to your doctor or physical trainer about what your specific requirements would be.   
Staying hydrated is very important when on a diet. Drinking water before a meal could help you “feel full” and eat a little less. Make sure you only drink water from a trusted source, like Pureit as that provides a range of best home water purifiers that gives you nothing but pure drinking water.

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