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Do RO water purifiers remove minerals from drinking water? Let’s decode the truth!

By Pureit Water | December 07, 2020
RO water purifier

Reverse Osmosis or RO water purification is one of the most popular and promising methods for purifying water. RO purification is known to remove even the minutest of the impurities from water, while turning high TDS (salty tasting) water into sweet tasting potable water. There are multiple benefits of using an RO water purifier but lately there have been few questions about RO technology removing essential minerals from drinking water. Let’s decode the truth!

There can be various sources of water depending on your geographical location. According to WHO, rainwater carries low salinity and mineralisation vis-à-vis groundwater, which is excessively mineralised at times and again depends on the region it is drawn from. To simplify further, your ground water can contain various minerals. While some of these minerals can be beneficial for your body, many can be extremely harmful.

A Reverse Osmosis water purifier hence becomes essential as only RO purification technology can remove these unwanted minerals from your drinking water along with other hazardous heavy metals and chemicals like Lead, Arsenic, Aluminium, etc. These unwanted substances can cause many serious health problems like brain damage, nausea, seizures, and reproductive issues.

Even healthy minerals like Calcium and Magnesium present in your source of water, need to be consumed in regulated quantities.

Pureit Mineral RO water purifiers offer the perfect solution. Pureit is a step ahead in providing its consumers not only 100% safe drinking RO water but also enrich it with goodness of minerals. Our RO water purifiers contain mineral cartridge that adds back essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium into your RO purifier water.

Magnesium assists in regulating blood glucose/sugar levels and nerve function. It also helps in creation of proteins from amino acids. Calcium on the other hand strengthens bones and regulates rhythm of heartbeat.

Hence, with Pureit Mineral RO water purifiers, you can keep aside all your worries and have safe and healthy water to consume all around the clock.

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