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Choose Pureit Eco Range of RO Water Purifiers to Save Water Everyday

By Pureit Water | November 20, 2020

While RO water purification is one of the most effective purification technologies, it is often perceived to waste a lot of water. Water wastage is a pressing concern and to reduce this Pureit has launched the first-ever Eco Range of RO Water Purifiers with unique Eco RecoveryTM Technology, giving an efficient RO purification. It gives you Highest Water Saving with a recovery rate of 60% compared to others with only a 30% recovery rate. Pureit Eco Range RO Water Purifiers waste only 0.7 glass of water for every glass of purified water, whereas other purifier waste up to 2.3 glasses for every glass of purified water. This means you save around 80 glasses of water daily with Pureit Eco RO water purifiers.

Pureit Eco Range RO Purifiers to save water everyday
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