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About us

Your family's well-being is not just a concern but a responsibility. And since most diseases are caused due to contaminated drinking water you need to ensure they get clean drinking water. There are many methods to purify water, which are either too much of a hassle or require electricity or gas.

World’s Largest Selling Water Purifier*

The World's Largest Seller of In-home Drinking Water Treatment Systems TM validated by Verify Markets.

Verify Market's independent comprehensive global market research determined Pureit to be "The World's Largest Seller of In-home Drinking Water Treatment Systems."

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This is testament to the global acceptability of Pureit as part of the household and the confidence that families hold in Pureit as their means for safe drinking water.

*Based on unit shipment sales for 2016. Excludes pitchers and faucet mount system sales. The analysis includes point-of-use water treatment systems only

Has won several awards across the globe

Pureit has won several awards and certifications for the sheer innovation it brings to the industry, the build quality and superior value. Pureit meets stringent international criteria of Environmental Protection Agency, Unites States for harmful bacteria and virus removal and thus offers the most superior safety.

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A product that has even been recognized by the Harvard University

Pureit's aim to provide access to clean drinking water to more than 500 million people has drawn the attention of Harvard University that has published Pureit's work in a case study about paradigm-shifting innovations.

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