Source of Water

Clean water is becoming a serious problem in Indonesia. Availability of clean water has drastically reduced with environmental degradation and pollution. Most of the water does not meet regular safety standards.

Over 100 million people need a source of safe water

While more than 70% of the country’s population relies on water obtained from potentially contaminated sources, unsafe drinking water has been the cause of several diseases. Sad to say, about 20% of child deaths per year have resulted from water-borne diseases.

300 out of 1000 suffer from water-borne diseases

Primary SOurces of drinking water nationwide

Groundwater is the Primary Source of Water – 70%

Water-borne diseases

  • Numerous pollutants released into water in Indonesia lead to poor quality surface water. This forces households to switch inconvenient, costlier and/or unsafe sources.
  • Regardless of contamination, these sources of water are used for drinking because there is no easy alternative.

Water contaminated with pathogens leads to fatal diseases like diarrhea. Studies reveal that over 50,000 such deaths are sourced to contaminated water annually.


Viruses are submicroscopic parasites that live and replicate through a host cellular bodies. While being very difficult to locate in water, they are the cause of several diseases.

Heavy & Light Metals

Several metals are highly toxic at relatively low concentrations. They accumulate in body tissues over long periods of time and are consequential to human health.