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Diseases caused by drinking contaminated water

2023-10-01 19:35:39Diseases caused by drinking contaminated water
Diseases caused by drinking contaminated water

A consistent provision of safe and purified drinking water is imperative for every household. However, many individuals still need access to this invaluable resource. Consequently, certain individuals must utilize and ingest water containing perilous pollutants. This could explain the annual toll of over 3.4 million fatalities attributed to waterborne diseases.

Diseases caused by contaminated water exposes individuals to specific water pollutants that could culminate in distinct waterborne illnesses. Such ailments encompass diseases emanating from waterborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Additionally, certain diseases stem from the toxins generated by harmful algae and cyanobacteria. 

Within this composition, we shall explore the hazardous diseases induced by polluted drinking water, delving into their symptoms, causes, and effective preventive measures. Let us embark on this informative journey.

Origins of Water Contaminants

Water pollutants stem from diverse origins. However, the principal sources encompass human and animal waste, along with agricultural pursuits involving the utilization of fertilizers, among others. The influx of runoff and inundation resulting from unexpected surges in hurricane precipitation, extreme rainfall, and storm surges also heightens contamination risks.

Water pollution transpires when agents responsible for water-linked ailments and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus seep from urban, residential, and agricultural vicinities into surface waters, groundwater, and coastal waters. Moreover, chemical runoff from industrial and manufacturing facilities can compromise the purity of your drinking water. Naturally occurring pathogens and heavy metals can also infiltrate groundwater sources. Individuals reliant on public or private wells for their water supply are particularly vulnerable to pathogen exposure.

Waterborne diseases originating from water contamination

Waterborne diseases are effortlessly transmitted when utilizing contaminated water for diverse purposes such as drinking, producing ice, cleaning uncooked fruits and vegetables, and sanitation. Hence, it is imperative to acquaint oneself with the various diseases and the degree of peril they pose.


Cholera is an infection primarily targeting the small intestine. The causative agent behind this ailment is recognized as Vibrio Cholerae. Transmission of the virus occurs when water containing fecal matter is ingested. When untreated water navigates through sewage within water channels, it can contaminate domestic water supplies.


Diarrhea, a waterborne disease, is characterized by intense diarrhea accompanied by blood or mucus in the stool. Primarily impacting the intestines, its propagation is linked to inadequate hygiene practices. Bacterial, viral, or parasitic agents present in unsanitary food and drinking water can also contribute to its occurrence.


Fluorosis is a condition adversely impacting dental and skeletal health. This affliction typically arises from the consumption of ground or surface water containing elevated levels of fluoride compounds. Naturally occurring in groundwater, fluoride affects millions of individuals worldwide.

Lead Poisoning

Lead can infiltrate drinking water through aging pipes, soldering materials, or the release of toxic substances into water systems. Upon ingestion, this metal can induce lead poisoning in humans, a life-threatening consequence of water pollution.

Trachoma (Eye Infection)

Trachoma, an ocular infection, emerges due to unsanitary conditions and inadequate access to clean water. Predominantly affecting children and women, this ailment has resulted in approximately six million cases of blindness globally.

How to Purify Your Tap Water and Eliminate Water Contaminants?

As evident from the list above, many ailments can compromise your health if you consume water contaminated with impurities. Notably, a significant portion of the highlighted diseases stem from pathogens within the drinking water. In addition to proper sewage disposal and practicing stringent hygiene measures, a crucial step toward safeguarding your health and that of your loved ones involves exclusively using purified and safe water for consumption and everyday use. The question arises: How can you effectively eliminate potential contaminants from tap water, rendering it entirely fit for consumption?

Waterborne diseases have taken root across various cities and communities in India, leading to dire consequences, often exacerbated by a lack of widespread knowledge about preventative measures. Pureit Water has been dedicated to crafting some exceptional water filtration systems to deliver the safe drinking water, benefiting families nationwide.

Our Pureit Revito Prime Water Purifier is an optimal solution for eradicating pollutants and pathogens from your water supply. This revolutionary purifier offers DURAviva Best-In-Class# Filtration Technology. It boasts an RO membrane that is independently tested and certified by WQA for heavy metal removal* such as Cadmium and chromium from drinking water, rendering it safer for consumption. It doesn't compromise on essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium – it delivers RO water enriched with these vital minerals, without any bypass. With Revito Prime, you can trust in a comprehensive multi-stage protection system that guarantees you purified drinking water.


●    Advanced 7-stage purification (RO+MF+UV)
●    Meets the toughest safety standards to remove harmful viruses and bacteria from your water.
●    It offers maximum purified water up to 8000 litres* and saves up to 70%*** of water
●    Ensures a maximum purification speed of 28 litres per hour***           
●    Purifies water from multiple sources like borewell, tanker & municipal.

With 8 litres of storage capacity, Revito Prime facilitates 100% safe^ water. It is also equipped with the intuitive Smartsense Indicators^^ that will alert you 15 days before the filter's expiry. This will ensure you get only RO-purified water at all times. 

Embrace the future of water purification – where innovation goes hand in hand with safety and technology—Pureit Revito Prime: your gateway to refreshment, your guardian against water-borne diseases. 



*This RO membrane is tested and Certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 58 for material safety only. This RO membrane was tested by WQA in a surrogate system for the reduction of Cadmium, Chromium III. WQA cannot confirm that the component will yield the same performance when used in any other, non-tested system. See WQA.org for details.  

#The RO membrane used in Pureit Revito Series is tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 58 for material safety only. This RO membrane was tested by WQA in a surrogate system for the reduction of Cadmium, Chromium III. WQA cannot confirm that the component will yield the same performance when used in any other, non-tested system. See WQA.org for details. In comparison to leading RO devices, in comparison to life of RO membrane

** Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to ordinary RO's.  
*** Under Pureit test conditions 

^ Safety from virus & bacteria as per USEPA guidelines

^^ Advance alert system via UI alerts 15 days before your filter expires

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