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Pureit RO Water Purifiers

Choose ro water purifier that best suits your needs & budget


Pureit has a wide range of RO water purifiers with latest technologies like – RO, RO+UV, RO+MF and RO+UV+MF water purifiers. Pureit’s Advanced 6 and 7 stage purification ensures your drinking water is safe, sweet, and pure for consumption. Our RO range of water purifiers remove harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals, making sure that your drinking water is 100% safe for consumption. Pureit water purifiers not just offer the best-in-class water purification but also enrich purified water with essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, making it healthy for you and your family. Pureit RO range of water purifiers can purify TDS of up to 2000ppm and are suitable to purify all kinds of water regardless of its source – Borewell, Tank or Ground water.

Choose from a wide array of sleek, compact UV purifiers with an advanced alert system and purification process. The auto shut-off feature warns you when the protection needs to be updated, thus ensuring you always drink UV-purified, safe drinking water. A convenient choice, for sure.

Practical design, ease of use and pure water, now available for you at affordable prices. Made from food-grade plastic, the wide range of Non-Electric purifiers listed below meet your durability criteria. Every drop of water goes through 4 stages of purification that eliminates dirt, harmful pesticides, bacteria and viruses to give you clear, odourless and natural tasting water. What more could you ask for?


  • What is an RO Water Purifier?

    An RO water purification system or Reverse Osmosis contains a semi-permeable membrane that removes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water along with several other impurities like Bacteria, Virus, heavy metals, chemicals, and other impurities. As water passes through the semi-permeable membrane, it only allows pure and sweet water to pass through it, while flushing away the impurities.

  • When should you buy an RO Water Purifier?

    If your source of water has high TDS i.e. tastes salty, it is recommended to use an RO water purifier. TDS levels below 300ppm are considered safe for consumption. As per WHO, if the TDS is greater than 1000ppm, water can be unsafe for consumption as it may contain higher amount of sulphate, chlorides, and other minerals.

  • What is the price of an RO water purifier?

    An RO Water Purifier Price range starts from Rs 9000 and can go up to Rs 26000 depending on the Stages of Filtration and features like Mineral Enrichment, Copper Charge Technology, Filter Alerts etc. When you choose to buy an RO Water Purifier, make sure that your chosen product fulfils all you and your family's needs.

  • What are the Benefits of Drinking RO Water?

    An RO water purifier promises safe and pure water for your family. Pureit RO water purifiers give 100% safe, mineral enriched drinking water without any virus, bacteria, chemicals, heavy petals, pesticides and other harmful impurities in it.

    • Safeguards your family against waterborne illnesses
    • Sweetens taste of water, enabling you to drink it more frequently
    • Immunity Boosting copper infused in RO water boosts immunity fights obesity, improves digestion
    • Improves overall health and well-being
  • When to buy an RO water purifier?

    An RO water purifier should be used, if your source of water has high TDS i.e. water tastes salty, contains heavy metals and chemicals which can’t be removed effectively by any other water purification method.

  • Do RO water purifiers waste water?

    Reverse Osmosis technology does waste some water as a part of its purification process to remove the harmful impurities. But Pureit Eco Range of RO water purifiers are especially designed to give Highest Water Saving by saving up to 80 glasses of water daily.

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