Importance of Genuine Pureit GKK Filters

2024-04-19 05:51:08Importance of Genuine Pureit GKK Filters
Importance of Genuine Pureit GKK Filters

Did you know your water’s fate depends on your water filter’s choice? A water filter or candle is a crucial component that requires regular maintenance and replacement to ensure optimal performance of the device and to provide pure and safe drinking water. 

How often do filters need to be replaced?

The replacement frequency depends entirely on individual's water consumption habits.

What is a Pureit GKK Filter?

Pureit has coined a term for its filters—GKK or Germ Kill Kit. The Pureit GKK (filters) comprises of - sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Mesh Filter, RO Membrane, Post-Carbon Filter, MF Filter, Membrane Protector, and RO Membrane. They are programmed to eradicate unseen viruses and bacteria. They also function to eliminate chlorine, odors, and other impurities, ultimately purifying the water and dispensing safe water.
Features of GKK:

  • Dispenses safe and pure water
  • It has a longer filter life
  • Ensures that your Pureit device delivers high-performance

How do we know when to change the filters?

Pureit's premium devices, equipped with the GKK water filter, have indicators such as blinking lights or alerts that notify users when a filter needs to be replaced. 
If you forget to change the filter, the automatic shut-off feature (ASO) in premium Pureit devices stops dispensing unsafe water. However, not replacing the filter can harm your health and affect the device's performance, possibly causing it to stop working correctly over time. So, following the recommended filter replacement schedule is essential to keep your water safe and your device running smoothly.

Local Vs Original Filters:

When comparing local filters to original ones, while there may be no noticeable difference in taste or smell, major differences exist in water quality, filter longevity, and overall device performance. 

It's best to rely on trusted sources to ensure you receive an original filter. Contact Pureit brand directly through our call centre support at 1800-570-1000 or WhatsApp number, to get the original GKK filter tailored to your device's specifications and requirements. 

Risks of Opting for Local Filters in Your Pureit Water Purifier

Consumers often encounter pitfalls that unknowingly jeopardize their health in the quest for safe and clean drinking water. One common misstep is opting for local filters over original Pureit Germkill Kit (GKK) filters. While the water might taste the same, this decision can have profound consequences. 

Common mistakes with choosing local filters:

1.  Not contacting the brand directly for support and service
Mistake: Instead of contacting the brand for service, relying on local technicians that you or your neighbors might be well connected with.
Impact: Local technicians may install local/fake filters, compromising efficiency and reliability of your  water purifier. However, the brand can always be trusted with 100% original spare parts.
2. Unaware Usage of Local Filters
Mistake: Continuing to use local filters, knowingly or unknowingly, assuming they are as effective as original GKK filters.
Impact: Local filters often have shorter lifespans, which leads to more frequent replacements and potential exposure to impurities.
3. Prioritizing Cost Over Health
Mistake: Opting for local filters due to perceived cost savings without considering the potential health risks.
Impact: The initial savings may pale compared to the long-term consequences for your family's health, including exposure to contaminants and compromised water quality.

Bottom Line

The choices you make regarding water filter can significantly impact your family's health and well-being. By steering clear of these common mistakes and prioritizing original Pureit GKK filters, you not only ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your purifier but also contribute to a healthier living environment. 
In essence, filters are the frontline defense in purifiers. They ensure that what we drink is free from harmful substances and promote a healthier and safer environment.