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Product FAQs

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  • How does Classic UV+ G2 purify water?

    Classic UV+ G2 has a 4-stage purification system which ensures you get water that is 'As safe as boiled water™’ that meets the stringent standards set by the USEPA for Microbiologically safe drinking water. First, the water passes through the Sediment Filter which removes fine and coarse particulate impurities/dirt.The second stage is the Activated Carbon Filter™ that removes remaining dirt, chlorine and organic impurities like harmful pesticides. It also absorbs colour and odour causing organic compounds from water. Then the water passes through Mesh Filter, which ensures that no suspended / dirt particles enter the UV chamber. High intensity UV rays ensure maximum UV intensity for inactivation of bacteria, virus and parasites to deliver safe water always.

  • What is Advance Alert System™?

    Classic UV+ G2’s Advance Alert System™ warns you 15 days* in advance before your consumable expires, so that you can get it replaced before the GKK life expires and purifier stops working. Please refer to the LED indicator panel instructions for details.

  • Does this mean that I need to change the UV lamp after every 6000* litres?

    No. The UV lamp is designed to last typically for 10,000 working hours. You need to change only the GKK after typically 6000* litres of water has been purified.

  • Can I change the GKK?

    It is not recommended for the users to change the GKK by themselves. Please call Pureit Helpline when you need to replace the GKK.

  • Can I drink the first purification cycle of water from the purifier?

    No, it is recommended to throw the first 5~10 litres of water when the new Classic UV+ G2 purifier is installed, and also whenever the GKK is replaced. It will only take 3-5 minutes.

  • Can I open and service my purifier?

    It is not recommended to open and service purifier by an individual. Call Pureit helpline if you face any issue which requires servicing and opening of the purifier.

  • What should I do if any part of the purifier is broken?

    Please call the Pureit helpline number. Our technicians will visit your house and guide you on the repairs required. There will be a nominal visiting charge and you would need to buy the parts required.

  • What should I do if water pressure at my home is less than 5 psi?

    Technicians will suggest you to purchase a booster pump, so that pressure of input water will be appropriate for functioning of the purifier.

  • What should I do if water pressure at my home is more than 30 psi?

    Technicians will suggest you to purchase a pressure regulating value, so that water pressure inside device will be regulated according to safety rating of.

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