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Product FAQs

A purifier for every requirement

  • There is condensation in the transparent chamber. Is this a problem?

    This normally happens because of temperature differences. It does not affect the working of your Pureit and you will continue to receive ‘as safe as boiled water’.

  • What happens if some part of the Pureit breaks accidentally?

    If some part of Pureit breaks accidentally, please call Pureit helpline No. 1860 210 1000. We will arrange to send you a replacement part. You will however have to pay for the replacement part.

  • What should I do if it takes a long time to purify water?

    You need to check if the water discharge nozzle in the top chamber has clogged. If so, please clean it as recommended in the cleaning section. Also clean the Micro Fibre Mesh as recommended in the cleaning section.

  • What should I do in case of water overflow from the overflow port?

    Pureit Intella will allow overflow of water from the cleansing collection chamber overflow port when the Micro Fibre Mesh gets completely choked due to dirt and grime. In such a case you need to clean the Micro Fibre Mesh as mentioned in the cleaning section of Pureit Intella Instruction Manual. If the problem persists, please contact your nearest dealer for a replacement or call the helpline No. 1860 210 1000.

  • Pureit didn’t fully remove the colour from the input water. Is the water safe to drink?

    In some cases, as with colloidal clay suspensions and with soluble salts of calcium, magnesium, iron etc. The turbidity and colour may not be completely removed. In these cases please ensure that there are no deposits or scales in the transparent chamber - if these are there then clean them by using a disinfectant. Rinse the transparent chamber thoroughly with Pureit water. Once this is done, the output water will be microbiologically ‘as safe as boiled’ even if some colour persists.

  • Can there be scaling in Pureit?

    Dissolved chemicals in water can occasionally precipitate out of the water, and deposit inside Pureit. This however, does not in any way affect the germkill capability of Pureit. If scaling happens in the top chamber or transparent chamber, you should gently remove it with water (descaling). Don't use any abrasive cleaners or tools.

  • Will Pureit remove salt and oil?

    Input water may contain many materials which affect the taste of water of these, Pureit removes materials like oil, sand, soil, clay, dirt, decayed animal and plant waste, and harmful pesticide impurities and is therefore likely to improve the taste of water. However, Pureit does not remove some dissolved salts that may contribute to taste like sodium chloride salt, calcium and magnesium. In fact, Pureit retains some ‘good’ dissolved salts present in drinking water. This may affect the taste of water.

  • Can one pour brackish water into Pureit?

    Yes, the water wil be free of harmful germs, but there may not always be an improvement in taste. However by pouring brackish / sea water into Pureit, there may be a risk of choking Pureit. And the Auto Shut-Off mechanism may mal function.

  • Can there sometimes be particles in the water stored in the transparent chamber?

    The first 2 batches of water that gets purified in your new Pureit, or from a new Germkill Kit, should be drained away when it collects in the transparent chamber. This batch of water may contain some black particles that have got loosened from inside the polisher during transit. Black particles may also appear as a result of shifting or tilting Pureit or when you are using Pureit after several days. It should be noted that these black particles are a part of the polisher’s specially designed porous filter derived from natural coconut shell and are therefore completely safe, even if accidentally swallowed. To remove these black particles pour the collected water back into the top chamber and rinse the transparent chamber with Pureit water to remove any particles that may be stuck to the sides.

  • How hygienic is the tap?

    The tap will come in repeated contact with hands, bottles and glasses. You need to ensure that as a result of these contacts , the tap does not get contaminated with germs. In case that you do find that the mouth of the tap has become dirty, clean it with a pureit water and wipe thetap at intervals with a clean cloth.

  • If my water contained a very large amount of visible dirt and turbidity, can we pour it into the Pureit system?

    We advise that you let the water stand in another container for some time untill most of the dirt settles down. Now pour the water into Pureit. This will ensure that the system does not get prematurely chocked.

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