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A world-class water purifier with a commitment that matches

  • What is Pureit Promise?

    Pureit Promise is the ultimate promise given by Pureit for delivering the GKK in 72 hrs from the time of booking the order, else the same will be given free. Conditions apply.

  • Is the Pureit Promise for a specific duration or time?

    There is no specific duration for the Pureit Promise. It is decided on the basis of the geography and the accessibility of the area. Pureit Promise can be updated /removed from any area at any time without prior notice, at the discretion of Pureit Team.

  • What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for Pureit Promise?

    TAT of Pureit Promise is 72 Hrs.* *If you order GKK on a Tuesday and the next day is a government holiday then the GKK order will be processed before Saturday, which is 72 hours from the time of booking.

  • Are holidays counted in the TAT?

    No, National holidays will not be included in TAT.

  • Which holidays are excluded from TAT?

    The Govt. holidays are excluded from TAT with reference to the Pureit Promise.

  • How do I know my order is booked under Pureit Promise?

    Call Center agent will communicate at the time of Order Booking, if your area is marked under Pureit Promise, you will receive the SMS.

  • Why my area/city is not marked under Pureit Promise?

    Pureit Promise is offered only in selected cities.

  • Which all SKUs come under the purview of Pureit Promise?

    Pureit Promise is only for The GKK Order and it is not applicable to any other Components and Devices Order.

  • Who all are eligible for the Pureit Promise?

    All registered Pureit customers are eligible for Pureit Promise, whose order is confirmed as a Pureit Promise order by Call Center/SMS.

  • I have a Pureit but I have not registered my device, can I avail the Pureit Promise?

    Yes, you can avail the Pureit Promise as Call Center Agent will first register and then book the order.

  • How can I claim Pureit Promise if your commitment fails?

    You have to fill the form which is given by the LSP CCE at the time of the Order Delivery and send the SMS to 'GKB 0' to Pureit No '09223200200'.

  • What will I get as a claim and when?

    You will get the same GKK free of cost which you'd first ordered at the time of your order delivery.

  • Is Pureit Promise applicable for both Order and Complaint?

    No, Pureit Promise is applicable only for GKK Delivery.

  • I had ordered two GKKs so will I get 2 GKKs?

    No, in single order delivery, only one GKK is given as a Penalty under Pureit Promise.

  • I had ordered for GKK + MFM, do I get both if the Pureit Promise fails?

    No, Pureit Promise is applicable for only GKK. For any other component, amount has to be paid.

  • Should I pay the Delivery Charges when Pureit Promise Fails?

    Yes, Delivery Charges need to be paid in both the Conditions.

  • I don't want the GKK when Pureit Promise fails, instead can I get the cash amount for the same?

    Only GKK will be given for any claim, no cash transaction will be entertained for the claim.

  • Who will give me the claim?

    LSP CCE will hand over the free GKK at the time of the order delivery itself if Pureit Promise fails.

  • What is the difference between the normal order booking and the Pureit Promise?

    In Normal Order booking there is no claim given to customer and in the Pureit Promise the GKK will be given free.

  • What is the time taken for getting the claim in failure of Pureit Promise?

    Claim will be given at the time of the order delivery with the claim form and SMS revert to Pureit Helpline No. 1860 210 1000.

  • Is Pureit Promise applicable when order booked by Mail/Web/IVR?

    Yes it is applicable to any kind of order booked in our system.

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