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Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV Water Purifier

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV Water Purifier

MRP: 23,490*
  • About the Device

    About the Device

    Pureit brings to you a water purifier that looks stunning and comes with an advanced RO + UV purification technology that not only gives you pure water but also adds minerals to enhance the taste of water.
  • Purity Indicator

    Purity Indicator

    Senses water quality up to 5000 times a second, 
    to showcase the purity level of your water.
  • Turbo Flow

    Turbo Flow

    Fills 1 litre water bottle in just 30 seconds.


  • Hands-Free Bottle Fill Zone

    Hands-Free Bottle Fill Zone

    One-of-a-kind automated water fill feature for better convenience

  • 6 -Stage Purification

    6 -Stage Purification

    Advanced 6-stage purification through RO + UV technology

  • Added Minerals

    Added Minerals

    Adds minerals post purification to enhance the taste of water

  • Digital Advanced Alert System

    Digital Advanced Alert System

    Alerts you 15 days before life of Germkill Kit™ gets over

  • Auto Flush

    Auto Flush

    Ensures membrane is automatically rinsed at regular intervals

  • Virus Removal

    Virus Removal

    Removes 1 crore virus in 1 litre water

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10 Litre Water Storage Capacity


Specification for Water Purifier
  • Weight
    9.5 kgs
  • Purified Water Flow Rate [Average]*
    Purified Water Flow Rate [Average]*
    Approximately 9 - 12 Litre per hour
  • 6 Stage Purifying Technology
    6 Stage Purifying Technology
    PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Mini Filter,Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Micro Filtration Membrane/UV and Post-RO Carbon Filter
  • Membrane Type
    Membrane Type
    Thin film composite spiral wound
  • Pump Type
    Pump Type
    Diaphragm pump, 24V DC
  • % Recovery*
    % Recovery*
    Typically 25%
  • TDS Reduction***
    TDS Reduction***
    90% (Min)
  • Power Rating
    Power Rating
    60 Watts
  • Pressure Rating
    Pressure Rating
    10–30 PSI****
  • Operating Voltage
    Operating Voltage
    165 – 240 VAC 50 Hz
  • Material of Construction
    Material of Construction
    Food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics
  • Length of Power Adapter
    Length of Power Adapter
    1.5 metres
  • Total Dissolved Solids
    Total Dissolved Solids
    Upto 200 mg/lit
  • Total Hardness
    Total Hardness
    500 mg/lit (max)
  • Iron in Input Water
    Iron in Input Water
    0.3 mg/lit (max)
  • Turbidity of Input Water
    Turbidity of Input Water
    1 NTU (Max)
Specification for Germkill Kit™
Purification Capacity

Purification Capacity

Germkill Kit™ -1 is designed to give approximately 4000L^ of purified water and Germkill Kit™ -2 gives approximately 8000L^ of purified water respectively depending on input water pressure, TDS and water temperature

Material of Construction

Material of Construction

Food safe, non-toxic, engineering-grade plastics

Purification Capacity (CSF Germkill Kit™)

Purification Capacity (CSF Germkill Kit™)

Removes dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury. It also removes microbial contaminants like bacteria, virus, protozoa and cysts

Germkill Performance Standard

Germkill Performance Standard

Meets stringent international criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water, such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA

Refer the manual for more details.


A delightful water purifier with an advanced purification process that gives you pure drinking water along with added minerals.

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Product Manual

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