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5 Reasons You Should Keep Yourself Hydrated Even During Winters

2022-04-04 00:35:315 Reasons You Should Keep Yourself Hydrated Even During Winters
5 Reasons you Should Keep yourself Hydrated during Winters - Pureit Water India

Staying hydrated is important irrespective of the weather. However, as the temperature dips, we might not feel very thirsty. With the onset of winters, our immunity is also put to test, making us vulnerable to several diseases. While it is crucial to be mindful of our diet during these times, it is equally important to ensure that we stay well hydrated. Below are 5 reasons why you must keep yourself hydrated even during winters.


Winter Dehydration


In the summers, we feel dehydrated due to loss of fluids during perspiration but during winters, while we may not sweat our body still loses its moisture. Consuming hot drinks heavy in caffeine can be one of the reasons making us feel dehydrated. Our body also loses hydration in other ways, such as water vapour we see from our mouth and nose when we are outside in cold weather. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, says that the cold actually alters thirst sensation and thus we do not drink enough water.


Immunity Boost


With the change in weather and dropping temperatures, you are more susceptible to illness and our immunity needs to be strengthened further. As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the lack of water can dry out the mucous membranes in our lungs and sinus passages which can reduce their resistance to infections. Thus, to ensure strong immunity, make sure to keep sipping water regularly. You can also consume hot beverages like ginger tea, lemon honey water, etc that are naturally known to boost immunity.


Healthy Skin


The cold and dry air during winter months can take a toll on our skin causing it to crack and chap. Our skin loses more moisture in winters. Drinking enough water keeps our skin feeling hydrated and supple. Water also acts as a natural detoxifier, flushing out impurities from our body, making our skin glow.


Aids Digestion


With the lack of water consumed during the winter months, we might get dehydrated which makes it difficult to digest food and can also lead to constipation. Thus, we must drink plenty of water during the winters. If you find it difficult to consume cold water, ensure to keep up the hydration level by either drinking warm liquids or eating fruits and veggies high in water content.


Fights Obesity


During the colder months, we feel lazy and are more likely to restrict our physical activities. We do not exercise as often as required and all of this can take a toll on our health. Water is key to our metabolism. It fast-tracks the digestion process and facilitates absorption of nutrients and minerals from our food. It also makes us feel fuller reducing the urge to eat more. In winters, as we feel less thirsty, it’s important to remind ourselves to keep sipping water.


Drinking adequate water is not only important in summer but in the winter months as well. Equally important is to ensure that water we drink at our home is safe and healthy. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, it is suggested to drink plenty of water, especially when exercising or working outdoors. Install a water purifier and make it a point to carry a bottle of water wherever you go to stay hydrated.



Why is hydration important in winter?

You may not feel thirsty or sweat much during the winters, but that does not mean you should restrict yourself from drinking adequate water. Consuming lots of water is important irrespective of weather conditions but, keeping your body hydrated is equally important to improve your immunity and balance the body temperature during the cold season.

How much water should we drink in winter?

During the winter season, we consume liquids in the form of hot beverages, but it is not enough to keep your body hydrated. It is suggested that men require more than 3 liters of water and women should consume more than 2 liters of water per day during the winter months. Consuming water from the best water purifier will also keep your body healthier and safe.

What are the signs of winter dehydration?

Dehydration is not limited to summers but can happen during the winter months. Fatigue, thirst, tiredness, dry mouth, and sugar cravings are some of the symptoms of winter dehydration. Hence, consuming lots of pure water is crucial for your health.

What are the benefits of consuming more water in winter?

Drinking lots of water will help you in various ways like improving the immune system, increasing the energy in the body, helps in weight loss, and prevents winter dehydration.

How to improve the intake of water during winters?

It is common to feel less thirsty during the winter and you may not keep a tab on consuming more water. So, you have to plan a routine and keep a reminder to drink water, cut the caffeine intake instead, and include lemon tea or green tea to increase your water consumption during winters.

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