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Benefits of using an Electric Water Purifier vs. a Non-Electric Water Purifier

2022-04-04 00:39:42Benefits of using an Electric Water Purifier vs. a Non-Electric Water Purifier
Benefits of using an Electric and a Non-Electric Water Purifier - Pureit Water India

Water purification technologies have evolved with generations, making lives of many hassle-free whilst providing clean and safe drinking water. The traditional ways of water purification have been absorbed into newer technologies that function in a more efficient manner. Today, there are variety of water purifiers for people to choose from – depending on size, affordability, capacity, technology etc.


There have been times when consumers get confused between electric and non-electric water purifiers. Non-electric water purifiers may look appealing when it comes to cost. But is the purification of water similar? No, it is not. Water purification process is different for both. Let’s understand what makes electric water purification superior to non-electric water purification.


Advanced Stages of Water Purification


Electric water purifiers provide a more sophisticated form of water purification with technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV). The advanced stages of RO and UV purification include multiple layers of filters as a part of the water purification process – Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon filter, Mesh Filter, RO Membrane, UV Chamber, Post RO Carbon Filter, and Micro Filter. Such an effective purification system needs electricity to function as input water must be pushed through all these layers of filters to provide safe and pure drinking water.


Non Electric water purifier  on the other hand have a much simpler purification process. They come fitted with Sediment, Carbon, and Micro filters, which are arranged one below the other. Once you fill water in a non-electric water purifier, it automatically passes through these stages of filtration on its own as a result of gravity. Pure water is then collected in the bottom tank of the water purifier.


Effectively remove all kinds of Impurities


An electric water purifier with its RO and UV purification technology can remove not only microorganisms– viruses, bacteria, but also heavy metals, chemicals, and excess TDS which cannot be removed by a non-electric water purifier. If your source of water contains high level of TDS (>300ppm), you must consider installing an RO water purifier. Only an RO water purifier can remove the saltiness of water making it sweet for consumption. Pureit range of RO water purifiers can remove TDS of up to 2000ppm and are suitable to purify all kinds of water regardless of its source – Borewell, Tank or Ground water.


A non-electric water purifier is suitable when the TDS of your water is under consumable limits and doesn’t contain heavy metals which are harmful for our health. A non-electric water purifier through its filters can remove microbes like bacteria, viruses, and pesticides. It is also capable of removing any odour and chlorine present in your water.


No Manual Intervention


Unlike Non-Electric water purifiers, you don’t need to fill or store water in an Electric water purifier manually. All Pureit RO water purifiers come with an in-built storage capacity. This means without any hassles you can get purified water at just the touch of a button. This also provides more safety as your input water is unexposed to all outer elements and is free from any possible human contamination.


Mineral Enrichment


Electric water purifiers can add more goodness to water. Apart from purification, Pureit RO water purifiers also enrich purified water with essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, making it healthy for you and your family.


Non-Electric water purifiers on the other hand lack this feature and only provide basic form of water purification.


We hope above described comparison helps you make an informed choice while choosing a water purifier for your home. Electric water purifiers have a clear edge over non-electric water purifiers being more technologically superior and advanced. But if your area or society has an effective water filtration system, rendering safe water supply, you can choose a non-electric water purifier for your home as well.

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