Which is the Best RO under 15000?

2024-03-11 22:38:00Which is the Best RO under 15000?
Which is the Best RO under 15000?

In pursuing a healthy lifestyle, the water quality we consume plays a vital role in determining our overall well-being. The impact goes beyond mere hydration; it influences our skin, hair, eyes, and weight. The journey to optimal health begins with understanding what goes into our bodies and recognizing the importance of both internal and external care. If you're contemplating the Best RO for your needs and are curious about the significance of making an informed choice, this article is for you.

Choosing between a water purifier for your home may seem straightforward, but assessing various scenarios reveals the nuanced benefits of having a water purifier. Pureit, a renowned brand, also offers water purifiers under 15000 that safeguard your family from health^^^ hazards and ensure access to safe drinking water.

Water purifiers play a crucial role in our daily lives. Alarming statistics, such as 4,000 children succumbing to water-related illnesses daily around the world, underscore the urgency for clean water solutions. Enter water purifiers, which become imperative guardians against waterborne diseases.

What to look for before buying the Best RO?

Discover the best RO water filtration system for pure and crisp hydration. Elevate your water quality with the best RO technology, ensuring optimal purification and taste.

1. Water Quality Assessment:

Begin by understanding the quality of water in your area. Conduct a water quality test or check local water reports to identify the specific impurities and contaminants present. This knowledge will guide you in selecting the best RO system that effectively addresses the unique water composition in your region.

2. Purification Efficiency:

Different RO systems come with varied purification capabilities. Look for systems that offer multi-stage filtration processes, including pre-filters, activated carbon filters, and post-filters. The number of stages and advanced purification technologies, such as UV or MF filtration, contribute to the system's overall efficiency.

3. Storage Capacity:

Consider the storage capacity of the RO water purifier before the RO filter price. The size of the storage tank determines how much purified water is readily available for use. This becomes crucial during power outages, ensuring a continuous supply of clean water when needed.

Let's explore some of the remarkable choices offered by Pureit that make clean water an affordable reality for you:

1. Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV:

RO filter price: Rs.9700
Storage: 7 Litres

This advanced water purifier is a powerhouse of efficiency, ensuring safe drinking water with 6 stage purification. In the primary three stages, the water passes through the Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, and Mini Filter, which removes coarse particulate impurities, dirt, chlorine, pesticides, and other organic impurities. After which, the water flows through the RO Membrane at high pressure, removing TDS The fifth stage is the high-intensity UV Chamber** that inactivates bacteria and viruses. The final and sixth stage is the Post RO Carbon Filter which improves the taste of the water. The storage tank of 7 litres* is securely shielded, and the filling process is entirely automated. When water is drawn from the tank, the purification system automatically replenishes it. Prioritizing efficiency and convenience, this system guarantees that safe water is readily available at your fingertips.

2. Pureit Eco Water Saver:

RO filter Price: 14000
Storage: 10 Litres^^

Designed with advanced water-saving technology, the Pureit Eco Water Saver offers efficient purification while prioritizing water conservation. The RO Membrane does not allow any excess total dissolved solids (TDS), arsenic, fluoride, or nitrates to pass through, eventually removing dirt and chemicals from the water. The UV Chamber eliminates germs, viruses, and other pathogens through its high-intensity UV rays. Its Special Mineral Cartridge retains essential minerals in the water, thus, even enhancing the taste.

Eco Recovery Technology^ is an additional feature that offers excellent water purification and high water savings* compared to other ROs. Pureit Eco Water Saver also facilitates a Smartsense Indicators** that warns you 15 days before the life of a Germ Kill Kit so that you know when it is time to change your filters.

3.Pureit Vital Plus RO + UV + MP:

RO filter price: Rs.13000
Storage: 7L 

 Pureit Vital Plus with #FiltraPower technology, proven to remove toxic substances & provide safe drinking water. Its high water-saving Eco Recovery Technology^ delivers efficient purification to give a high water recovery of up to 60%, double that of ordinary ROs. It also has a Mineral Enhancer Cartridge that enriches your water with essential minerals like Calcium & Magnesium, providing you with 100% RO water without bypass. Smartsense indicators** alert you 15 days before filter expiry and suspend water dispensing if the filter is not changed, ensuring you receive mineral-enriched, safe RO water. It purifies all types of drinking water: Borewell, Tanker, & Tap water. It can also be used for TDS up to 2000 PPM. 


^^^ Safety from waterborne diseases

For Pureit Advanced Pro:
*6.8 to 7.1 litres in running water conditions.
** As per the usage directed in user manual. Post RO purified water that’s part of purification stages in the device

For Pureit Eco Saver:
*Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to unbranded ordinary RO's
**AAS via UI alerts 15 days before your filter expires
^Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to unbranded ordinary RO's
^^In the segment versus comparable products.

^Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to unbranded ordinary RO's

For Pureit Vital Plus:
#Based on 3P lab tests
^Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to unbranded ordinary RO's
**AAS via UI alerts 15 days before your filter expires