Why do you need to upgrade your water purifier this year?

2024-02-19 01:06:00Why do you need to upgrade your water purifier this year?
Why do you need to upgrade your water purifier this year?

Water purifiers have become part of most households, especially in India, where access to clean drinking water remains challenging for many. Despite its importance, potential customers often harbor initial concerns due to the significant investment in purchasing a water purifier. When contemplating such a purchase, individuals must carefully assess the overall and ongoing maintenance costs. Consequently, customers prefer to thoroughly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of integrating the best RO into their homes. One question is whether regular updates to the water purifier are essential.

Why you must upgrade your purifier?

Modern RO water purifiers, renowned for their efficiency, are especially effective in purifying hard and highly contaminated water. Over time, the accumulation of salts, impurities, and contaminants can hinder the system's performance, impacting the quality of the purified water. The overall water quality may also suffer if the filter or membrane requires replacement. Recognizing the need for maintenance or replacement can be challenging for consumers, leading to uncertainty about when to replace their RO water filters. 

Understanding key indicators is crucial for ensuring the well-being of family members. If you're curious about when it might be time to update your RO water filter, consider exploring the points outlined below for more insights.

Enhanced Safety: With the increasing prevalence of pollutants and contaminants in water sources, upgrading to a purifier effective in removing pollutants and reducing TDS levels is crucial for ensuring the water's safety. Tested for heavy metal removal*, Pureit Revito Prime RO+UV+MF provides additional protection by reducing harmful substances like Cadmium and Chromium. This certification underscores the purifier's capability to provide purified water that is safe for consumption.

Advanced Filtration technology - Stay abreast of advancements in filtration technology. If your Best RO water filter is outdated, upgrading to a system with advanced features ensures better removal of contaminants, providing cleaner and safer drinking water for your family. Pureit Revito Prime purifier has Best-In-Class Filtration# Technology in its segment, setting it apart as a reliable and effective solution for clean drinking water. The advanced filtration system is designed to tackle a wide range of impurities, ensuring the water you consume is free from contaminants.

Water Saving: Keep an eye on the water-saving capabilities of your RO system. Modern filters are designed to be more efficient, minimizing water wastage during purification. Upgrading to a water-saving model benefits the environment and helps optimize your water usage. Revito Prime goes above and beyond by purifying up to 8000** liters of water, making it an ideal choice for households with varying water consumption needs. Moreover, it is designed to save up to 70%*** of water, contributing to environmental sustainability and cost efficiency.

Mineral Enrichment: Consider the mineral content in your purified water. Latest RO filters often come with mineral enrichment features, ensuring that essential minerals are retained in the water. This enhancement improves the taste and adds nutritional value to the drinking water. Unlike traditional purifiers, Revito Prime ensures your water is enriched with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium for better health^^^.

Timely alerts to change your filters: Stay one step ahead with Revito Prime's Smartsense Indicators^^.  Receive alerts 15 days before the filter expiry and experience automatic suspension of water dispense if the filter is not changed on time. This feature ensures you only receive mineral-enriched, safe RO water, maintaining the highest purity standards.

Upgrade to Pureit Revito Prime this year and experience a paradigm shift in how you consume water. Prioritize the health^^^ and well-being of your family by investing in the best RO water purifier, backed by advanced technology and a commitment to delivering 100^safe and mineral-enriched drinking water. Don't compromise – choose Pureit Water for a healthier and more refreshing hydration experience in 2024.

Recognizing the Significance of Water Quality Testing

Testing the quality of your drinking water isn't just a suggestion; it's a crucial necessity. Various contaminants can infiltrate our water sources, posing serious health risks, from minor stomach upsets to more enduring illnesses. Regular testing is a proactive measure, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about water consumption and, in turn, safeguard your family's health^^^.

But why go beyond relying on municipal reports or visual clarity?

Despite the earnest efforts of municipal water treatment facilities to maintain water quality, local infrastructure or plumbing issues might compromise your specific water supply. Certain contaminants, such as heavy metals or nitrates, may not be immediately visible or affect the taste. Routine testing becomes imperative to unveil hidden threats before they manifest harm.

So, how can you assess your water quality?

Home Testing Kits: These readily available kits typically check for specific contaminants like chlorine, hardness, or bacteria. While convenient and budget-friendly, they may not provide a comprehensive analysis.

Utilizing a TDS Meter: Investing in a TDS meter, a cost-effective digital tool, allows you to assess the overall water quality. TDS, or total dissolved solids, encompasses salts, metals, or minerals present in the water.
Remember, maintaining healthy water is an investment in your well-being. Proactive testing and addressing any identified issues enable you to confidently consume clean, safe water, ensuring lasting peace of mind.

Bonus Tip: If you harbor doubts about your water source or notice sudden changes in taste or odor, do not hesitate to schedule a service call for your water purifier. As highlighted in the features above, Pureit Water India offers secure and comprehensive after-sales services. Early detection and prompt action can avert potential health problems.

By prioritizing water quality testing, you seize control of your health, ensuring that each sip from your glass is a stride toward a healthier and happier you.


^ Safety from virus & bacteria as per USEPA guidelines
*** Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to ordinary RO's. 
** Under Pureit test conditions. In the segment versus comparable products.
*This RO membrane is tested and Certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 58 for material safety only. This RO membrane was tested by WQA in a surrogate system for the reduction of Cadmium, Chromium III. WQA cannot confirm that the component will yield the same performance when used in any other, non-tested system. See WQA.org for details. 
#The RO membrane used in Pureit Revito Series is tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 58 for material safety only. This RO membrane was tested by WQA in a surrogate system for the reduction of Cadmium, Chromium III. WQA cannot confirm that the component will yield the same performance when used in any other, non-tested system. See WQA.org for details. In comparison to leading RO devices, in comparison to life of RO membrane
^^ As per the usage directed in user manual. Post RO purified water that’s part of purification stages in the device
^^^ Safety from waterborne diseases