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Busting Common Myths About Water Purifiers

2022-04-04 02:09:34Busting Common Myths About Water Purifiers
Busting Common Myths About Water Purifiers - Pureit Water India

While most people believe that water purifiers are an essential for every household, there are still many who are unsure of investing in a good quality water purifier. There are several misconceptions that add to their disbelief in the category. Hence, we have curated a list of common myths that we want to bust here to educate consumers on the importance of having a water purifier in their homes.


Myth 1 –Boiled water is safe for drinking. What is the need to invest in a water purifier


While boiling water may purify water to a certain extent, it still may not be 100% safe for consumption. Boiling water can remove few viruses and bacteria from water but there are many other contaminants present in your drinking water that boiling alone cannot remove. The source of your water as clean and clear as it may seem, can contain heavy metals and chemicals like lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, chlorine etc that can only be effectively removed by the various purification stages of an RO water purifier. Infact, the cost of using a Pureit water purifier can be as low as 50 paise per litre which is cheaper than the per litre cost of boiled water as it can vary between 80-90 paise*.


Myth 2 – RO Water is not good for consumption as it removes the TDS


An RO water purifier doesn’t completely remove the TDS but only removes the excess amount of it to keep it at an optimum level. Water with very high level of TDS tastes salty and should be avoided. On the contrary water with low TDS, as suggested in several scientific literature and research, is found to have no harmful effect on human body. In a normal healthy human body, its own control mechanism regulates the mineral content of the body fluids, regardless of whether drinking water is high or low in TDS. By removing excess TDS, a RO water purifier sweetens the taste of water and makes it palatable. There are also multiple health benefits of drinking RO purified water. Read them here:


Myth 3 – Water Purifiers remove minerals and nutrients from water


While few people believe that water purifiers remove minerals and nutrients from drinking water, this may not be always true. Infact, Pureit range of water purifiers are especially designed to add back the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium into your drinking water. In addition to this, Pureit’s Copper⁺ RO water purifier boosts your immunity with copper enriched RO water through its unique Copper Charge TechnologyTM. As recommended in Ayurveda, apart from boosting immunity, drinking copper enriched water also comes with several other benefits like improving digestion, fighting obesity and improving overall well-being.


Myth 4 – Water Purifiers are expensive and need too much maintenance


False. Water purifiers are a one-time investment and prove to be cost effective in the long run. They need maintenance only every 6-12 months depending on your water consumption. And if you choose a water purifier wisely you may save much more. Pureit Advanced Max Mineral RO+UV has the lowest maintenance cost and can save you up to Rs. 1200 per year on maintenance as compared to other water purifiers. The per litre cost of Advanced Max is also very low at only 50 paise^. Learn more about it here:


Hence, fret not while deciding on whether to buy a water purifier. Health comes first and choosing a good quality water purifier may be the very first step in that direction.

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