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Benefits of drinking clean water for children

2024-02-19 01:15:01Benefits of drinking clean water for children
Benefits of drinking clean water for children - Pureit Water India

Water is necessary for our survival on Earth. Its vital role encompasses various bodily functions, ranging from digestion to excretion.  Given the continuous physical activities children engage in throughout the day, dehydration emerges as a prevalent issue among them. Due to their lower tolerance to heat, children require a substantial amount of water to maintain optimal health and hydration levels. Therefore, it becomes imperative for children, especially in hot weather, to consume water regularly.

Significance of Providing Purified Water to Children

In light of the escalating presence of contaminants in tap water, investing in a top-notch water purifier to ensure access to contaminated is imperative. While the importance of clean water extends to everyone, it holds even greater relevance for children, given their more susceptible immune systems compared to adults. 

Several key advantages associated with consuming clean water are delineated below:

Water plays a vital role in sustaining the equilibrium of fluids within our bodies. For growing children, consuming ample water to support fundamental bodily functions, including creating saliva, blood circulation, proper digestion, maintaining body temperature, and more, is essential.

Water also serves as an energy booster for muscles. Beyond fluid balance, it contributes to muscle fortification and helps alleviate muscle fatigue. Children often engage in various physical activities that can lead to exhaustion, so adequate water intake becomes crucial for their well-being.

Moreover, water facilitates the proper functioning of the kidneys. Maintaining an adequate water intake supports the kidneys in efficiently cleaning and eliminating toxins from the body. Children commonly experience issues like constipation, and ensuring they drink enough water can aid in maintaining regular bowel function.

How much water should children drink every day?

The required water intake for children varies based on their gender and age. Additionally, factors such as temperature, humidity, activity levels, and overall health are crucial in determining their optimal water consumption.

The chart below from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies also outlines how much water your child should drink per day, based on their age and sex:                 

4 to 8   All children 7
9 to 13 Girls 10
9 to 13  Boys 9
14 to 18 All children 10 to 14

Why Every Parent Should Invest in a Water Purifier?

  • Convenient Hydration:

Having a top water purifier at home makes hydration convenient for children. They can easily access clean water whenever they feel thirsty, encouraging regular and sufficient water intake throughout the day.

  • Safety for the family:

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the water their children consume is safe. A water purifier eliminates concerns about tap water quality, providing a reliable source that meets your kids' health^^^ needs.

  • Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution:

While the initial investment in a water purifier may seem significant, it is a cost-effective long-term solution. It eliminates the need to purchase bottled water constantly, saving money in the long run.

  • 24/7 Availability of safe water:

A water purifier ensures that clean water is available 24/7 in your home. There's no dependency on external water sources, making it convenient for children to access water whenever needed.

Pureit Copper + ECO Mineral RO 

Pureit Copper+Eco Mineral purifier ensures clean and safe drinking water and introduces the enriching properties of copper into the water. This is also beneficial for children and elderly people, as the purifier employs Copper Charge Technology™, a unique proprietary technology that charges RO-purified water with 99.8% copper.

Key Features:

7-Stage Purification: The purifier utilizes a comprehensive 7-stage purification process, guaranteeing optimal water quality, which is essential for the well-being of children.

Mineral-Rich Copper Infusion: Infusing the water with mineral-rich copper adds an extra layer of health^^^ benefits, contributing to the overall quality of the water children consume.

Dual Water Options: The purifier offers the flexibility of choosing between regular RO water and copper-charged RO water, ensuring that children can access safe and copper-enriched water.

Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning: The purifier smartly senses and schedules copper auto-cleaning, guaranteeing a continuous supply of fresh copper infusion for children.

Eco Recovery™ Technology: Powered with Eco Recovery™ Technology, the purifier efficiently purifies water and provides higher water savings^, making it an environmentally conscious choice for families.


In conclusion, the benefits of drinking safe water for children are vast and far-reaching. Investing in the top water purifier is a proactive measure that parents can take to safeguard the health^^^ and future of their children. 


Copper Charge Technology is a unique proprietary technology which is based on electrochemical dissolution of copper into water.

 Eco Recoveryᵀᴹ  - Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to unbranded ordinary RO's

^ Under Pureit test conditions. Compared to unbranded ordinary RO's

^^^ Safety from waterborne diseases

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