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5 Best Water Purifiers for a Nuclear Family

2022-12-15 22:52:125 Best Water Purifiers for a Nuclear Family
5 Worlds best water purifiers for a nuclear family in 2024

Purified water  is the most crucial resource for everyone on earth. It is used for drinking, cooking, and other domestic tasks like bathing, cleaning teeth, and washing clothes. It is crucial to preserve  the hygiene of the environment around us and make  our lives healthier. Keep reading to find out why water purifiers are an absolute necessity and How to choose water purifier  for your home. 


Although the tap water delivered to our homes may appear clean, but contains a variety of germs and viruses that can be harmful to our health as well as fluorine compounds, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, and other forms of waste materials.


Drinking contaminated water can cause health problems, and the effects can occasionally be extremely harmful. According to WHO, contaminated water is a major cause of diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, polio, and diarrhea , and is thought to result in more than 50 thousand diarrhea  deaths annually.


Since your family's health rests  in your hands, you must take extra care to ensure that the water you give them is of the highest calibre. The need for clean water from consumers is growing every day and there are a lot of new brands and products entering the market to suit this desire. 


Numerous viruses and chemicals found in tainted water cause various  illnesses and increase the risk of different cancer types. However, by keeping things moving in the digestive tract and pushing food through, drinking clean water aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system.


You should anticipate drinking high-quality water because water filters get rid of all potential pollutants, but this quality could degrade over time. In our homes, we use water for diverse  activities like bathing, cooking, washing, gardening, etc. The quality of the water you use determines the better atmosphere you can maintain.

In the following, we will look through different types of purified water and how to purify water at home


  • Underground Water:

    One of the common types of water is spring water. Regardless, it doesn'tcome from a fresh spring. It comes from a variety of subsurface sources. However, other scientists assert that spring water could be contaminated with coliform, phthalates, arsenic, and other water contaminants.


  • Distilled Water:

    One of the primary varieties of purified water that goes through multiple filtration steps and involves water condensation and boiling is distilled water. Both natural minerals and contaminants are present simultaneously throughout this process. Water cleaned  meticulously through condensing and boiling is known as distilled water. However, the entire process eliminates both pollutants and natural minerals. So, although you can drink clean water, it lacks minerals.


  • Packaged Water:

    Bottled or packaged water shouldbe consumed, only if you are confident in its purity and quality. It might be very challenging to rely on the water quality in public locations. Perhaps, in long run, it is not eco-friendly or good for your health. 

Here are some ways to purify water at home-

  1. Boiling:

    The cheapest and safest way to purify water is to boil it. Water sources or distribution techniques could contaminate your water. For example, bacteria and parasites might not be visible to the unaided eye, but their effects could be devastating. Clean water should be heated to a rolling boil and maintained for one to three minutes when using this approach. High-altitude residents should boil their water for a longer period than those who live at lower elevations. As, water boils more slowly at higher altitudes. Before drinking, boiled water should be covered and allowed to cool. Before filtering pure water for usage from well water, let the chemicals settle.
  1. Domestic Filtration:

    One of the most efficient methods of removing chemicals from water is filtering, especially when the proper multimedia filters are used. This process uses chemical and physical means to clean the water and make it safe for human consumption. With a rapid and easy filtration procedure, filtration gets rid of both large chemicals and small, harmful pollutants that cause diseases. Filtered water  is thought to be healthier than water that has been treated in other ways since filtration does not eliminate all the mineral salts. It is one of the most efficient technologies for purifying water since it uses a chemical absorption process to remove impurities from the water.
  1. Chlorination:

    Since many years ago, chlorine, a potent chemical, has been used to treat water for domestic use. Chlorine is a powerful water purification technique that effectively eliminates pathogenic microorganisms like parasites and bacteria usually  found in tap or groundwater. Water can be cleaned with chlorine pills or liquid chlorine. A cheap and effective water purification solution that is widely accessible is chlorine.

Now here we are going to uncover How to choose water purifier


There are two types of water-


Hard and Soft water. Hard water comes from sources like Bore Wells, Tanker Supply, Underground Water etc. Hard water contains impurities of fluorides, arsenic, and other heavy metals. Soft Water comes from Lakes, Rivers, Rainwaters etc. 


Now coming to technology, there are two most popular technologies- Reverse Osmosis(RO) and Ultraviolet(UV). 


RO water purifiers effectively treat hard water. This purifier uses RO technology, which is the opposite of osmosis, to purify water. However, compared to a UV water filter, there are fewer odds of removing germs that cannot be seen. Germs and other invisible particles like dissolved solids are filtered out by a membrane in the RO purifier. It can lessen microorganisms in the water, making it a water purification method. As youngsters are more likely to become ill from foreign impurities and particles, this purifier's screening of chemicals and microorganisms protects everyone in the family's health.


The RO system uses water pressure  across the membrane to transport molecules froma higher solute concentration zone to a lower solute concentration region while leaving the contaminants behind.


On the other hand, Ultraviolet technology is considered better for killing germs, viruses and bacteria. After the RO stage, these systems use UV light to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, producing clean, healthful water. By lowering chlorine, this technique can destroy dangerous contaminants and be used in conjunction with other filtration methods.

For best results professionals advice, a combination of RO and UV water purification is ideal for your family. Here is a whole guide on how to choose water purifier from Pureit which can be perfect for a nuclear family:


  • Pureit Copper+Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier:

    With the counted benefits of RO and UV technology, this water purification system includes the benefits of Micro Filtration and copper enrichment. A suitable  purifier that improves your family's health  by fusing cutting-edge innovation with time-tested virtue. Its 7-stage RO+UV+MF purification process cleans water, and its exclusive Copper Charge Technology enriches it with copper's beneficial properties. This water purifier has a 8L storage tank which is good enough for a family of 3 or 4.


  • Pureit Vital Max RO+UV+MP With FiltraPower Technology:

    As the name suggests FitraPower is qualified to remove hazardous contaminants and deliver clean drinking water. The multi-stage purification of RO+UV assures that every drop of water is always safe and delicious to drink. The meticulous design of the Special Mineral Cartridge improves the taste of your water by adding necessary minerals like calcium and magnesium so that your family can have nutritious mineral water throughout the day. This water purifier comes with a long filter life of 6000 Litres, which is twice as long as standard filters and that makes it another good choice for your home. 


  • Pureit Ultima Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier:

    Pureit not only takes care of your health but also works for the concern of the environment. This water purifier from Pureit’s Eco range is an ideal example. This water purifier involves a Digital Purity Indicator that demonstrates how pure your water is by detecting water quality up to 5000 times per second. TDS in and TDS out values for your drinking water are displayed. Powered by Eco Recovery Technology, this RO offers considerable water savings compared to other ROs while providing efficient filtration. Compared to other ROs that waste up to 2.5 glasses for every glass of purified water, it decreases water waste to less than 1 glass. The capacity of 10-litre storage makes this a perfect solution for your family's hydration needs. 


  • Pureit Marvella UV G2 Water Purifier:

    We know the benefit of UV rays for killing germs and removing bacteria and viruses. This water purifier from the UV range of water purifiers by Pureitfollows that theory. This water purifier comes equipped with a potent 11 Watt UV lamp for increased safety, ensuring the eradication of 99.9% of bacteria and virusesThe UV lamp comes with a five-year warranty. If you want to safeguard your family’s health this filter can be an excellent choice. 


  • Pureit Classic Nxt RO+MF Water Purifier:

    The last addition to this list is this RO+MF water purifier which is the best in both worlds. In this filter, water is purified using an advanced six-stage RO+MF process to ensure that it is completely safe and free of hazardous bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and toxins. This water purifier is compatible with any voltage fluctuation and totally safe for use. 

This is a list of purifiers that can smoothen your journey of  how to choose water purifier. Check out Pureit Water Online's wide selection of additional products, including the aforementioned water purifiers, and choose the ideal one for your home.

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