Give your family the gift of immunity with Pureit Copper RO

2022-04-03 20:00:05Give your family the gift of immunity with Pureit Copper RO
Give your family the gift of immunity with Pureit Copper RO

The pandemic has reminded us of the importance of developing and maintaining good health and immunity. Most of us have started maintaining healthy diets, schedules, a healthy work- life balance and include numerous varieties of leafy vegetables and fruits, grains and pulses, diet plans and even intake of multivitamins, nutritional supplements for calcium, zinc, immunity and more.


The pandemic has made us self-conscious about ourselves and our loved one’s everyday habits and lifestyle. While we are resorting to these dietary and medicinal supplements to develop a healthy and strong body, it is important to ensure that good health practices become a part of our daily routine.


A daily routine ensures that these become a part of our habits and hence stick with us for longer.


One such important healthy habit is of drinking plenty of water. While drinking water is a necessity and an undeniable truth, it is essential to understand the significance and seriousness of drinking purified water.


And imagine a scenario, when your drinking water is not just purified and safe but also comes with added health benefits of immunity boosting.


This is festive season gift your family the goodness and the gift of immunity with Pureit Copper RO.


Copper has been prescribed in Ayurveda for its numerous health benefits such as boosting immunity, fighting obesity, boosting metabolism. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and is also known to neutralize toxins.


Therefore, traditionally water used to be stored in a copper vessel overnight or at least for 8- 10 hours and next day utilized for consumption.


But in the current times, it is challenging to follow the same practices given paucity of time and our busy schedules.


Pureit Copper RO is one such latest water purifier that promises not just 100% safe RO purified water with its advanced 7 stages of purification but also enriches it with goodness of copper.


And the best part? You get copper enriched water instantly at just the touch of a button.


Here are few features, which make it the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Precise copper dosing: Pureit Copper RO provides copper infused water 24x7 but it also adds just the right amount in each glass of water and thus maintain the appropriate levels of infused copper in every glass. This cuts down on over or under consumption of copper infused water.


This copper water purifier uses the patented Copper Charge TechnologyTM that adds 99.8% pure copper in RO purified water, in real time.


Dual water dispensing: The goodness of copper is not a secret to anyone but Pureit Copper RO purifier offers an innovative and smart feature of dual water dispensing which allows the consumers to choose between copper RO water or normal RO water.


Intelligent copper auto- cleaning: This copper purifier automatically cleans the copper timely without requiring any manual hassles. Automatic cleaning also ensures fresh infusion of copper in each glass.


Safe drinking water: Pureit Copper RO purifier ensures 100% safe drinking water eliminating all kinds of bacterias, viruses and dangerous germs.


This festive season gift yourself and your loved ones – happy health!




1) Are copper water purifiers safe?

Chemicals are not used in the filtration process, making them extremely safe for you and your family. Pureit Copper RO has excellent antimicrobial qualities that kill microorganisms and provide additional health benefits.

2) What is a copper filter in RO?

Copper is one of the important minerals that the human body needs. You can buy a copper water filter and use it every day to enjoy the benefits. Copper filters are effective at killing bacteria found in water.

3) What is copper charge technology?

Copper Charge Technique is a one-of-a-kind technology based on copper's electrochemical dissolution in water. A daily intake of 2 liters of copper-charged RO water will provide roughly 30% of the RDA for copper (according to the Indian Council of Medical Research, ICMR).

4) What is copper water?

Water that has been stored in a copper container is known as copper water. This allows for the safe leaching of copper into the water. While most of the practice's claimed benefits have yet to be proven, it does have an antibacterial impact that may kill diarrhea-causing bacteria in contaminated water.

5) What are the benefits of copper water?

Advantages of Drinking Water From a Copper Bottle:


Anemia is kept at bay with copper.


Thyroid gland function is balanced.


Hypertension is controlled.


It can be used to treat arthritis.


It is beneficial to the heart.


Reduces the effects of aging on the body.


Beneficial to the digestive system.