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Here’s why drinking water is essential for good health of a mom to be

2022-04-04 02:05:02Here’s why drinking water is essential for good health of a mom to be
Here’s why drinking water is essential for good health of a mom to be
Here’s why drinking water is essential for good health of a mom to be

When you are pregnant you often find your near and dear ones shower you with love, care and affection, along with a long list of health tips and advices. All these advices can be sometimes overwhelming but are important to be followed to ensure good health of the baby and the mother. One of the simplest and most common of these advices, often shared is, to stay hydrated.


Water helps in carrying oxygen and other essential nutrients from the mother's body to the baby. When you're pregnant, you need more water than an average person. It is recommended to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated is important to form amniotic fluid, produce extra blood, build new tissue, carry nutrients, enhance digestion, and flush out wastes from your body.


While it is essential to stay well hydrated, it's equally important to ensure that water being consumed is purified and completely safe. It is advised to use a RO water purifier to ensure maximum safety for the mother and baby against catching any potential water borne diseases. Especially in this ensuing monsoon season, when the fear of contaminated water and spread of bacteria and viruses is high, extra precautions need to be taken.


Here are few more ways in which staying hydrated can help you ease your pregnancy.


  • Helps reduce the commonly faced pregnancy concerns, like cramps, headaches, and nausea
  • Relieves you from morning sickness, heartburn, or acidity and even fatigue
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) is another common concern during pregnancy. Drinking water in adequate quantity is found to be beneficial as it reduces the risk of developing the infection
  • Helps the kidneys and liver to function better. For pregnant women especially, drinking purified water aids in digestion and bowel movements and decreases constipation
  • Helps in keeping up the body's water retention after frequent visits to washroom


For your health and that of the baby, it is essential to always maintain the right balance of water in your body. It is advised to keep a bottle handy and to keep sipping from it at regular intervals rather than gulping a lot it at once. For better management, you can also set frequent reminders. Along with staying hydrated, do not forget to exercise and follow a healthy diet enriched with minerals and nutrients.

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