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Important Health Tips you Must keep in Mind while Travelling

2021-12-08 00:19:27Important Health Tips you Must keep in Mind while Travelling
Important Health Tips you must keep in Mind While Travelling

It’s never a fun thing to fall sick while you are travelling. The thrill of travelling to a country / state is always exciting, but one thing that can completely help you enjoy your trip is to stay healthy and fit. Basic tips to follow are stay hydrated, practise yoga, eat and consume healthy fruits, food and dry fruits. As it’s said, prevention is better than cure, and here are some simple things to take note of while travelling.

Staying hydrated is the cure: Many times we forget to consume enough water especially while we are travelling, and this can lead to extreme tiredness, and dehydration. It is important to remember to drink plenty of fluids, from different fruit and vegetable juices, to drinking water. Water can be consumed by mixing it with Electrolyte solution, which keeps you in full energy and hydrated. Most of the time you will find yourself more dehydrated than usual while you travel from one country to another. Water is the easiest solution to stay fit and healthy by skipping out on calories.

Maintain personal hygiene: Washing hands is a regular practise one should follow when on vacation. Products like wet wipes, sanitizer, soap, face wash, cream are the essentials to keep one self-clean and fresh. A daily moisturizer is also required to keep the skin hydrated. A sunscreen will go a long way to take care of the skin texture.

Working out while travelling: Don’t forget your normal routine while you are travelling. Working out while you are travelling, helps you detangle the worries and guides you to a fresh perspective. And once you finish your workout, remember to keep drinking water to keep your body hydrated.

Yoga: Practicing Yoga has many physical and mental benefits. Doing yoga even for few minutes in the day or whilst travelling will help you have a long way. Meditation, Surya Namaskar, and other asanas will help you being physically fit and build you strong, mentally. Breathing exercise, stretching will help you relax your body and mind and help in flexibility and strengthening your muscles.

Avoid Junk: We always let loose on our food habits while we are travelling. Eat junk but also balance it with healthy food or dry fruits. Dry fruits are a better option to fill your stomach between meals and avoid the junk eating.

Digital Detox: A quick way to give your mind a little detox is to switch of from the digital world. People who have visited places which are less developed will witness that happiest people in the world are those with fewer possessions. Sometimes the best moments are the one’s which are not captured. Digital Detox will help you concentrate in living in the moment.

Consume Vitamins: Keeping your immune system up and energy levels high is the key to a happy travel. Travelling can be exhausting but if you consume the correct vitamins, it will keep you motivated and energetic. Mixing simpler ingredients like cucumber, honey, lemon in pure drinking water can keep up your energy levels and also provide necessary vitamins to the body.

We all know that traveling is a healthy way to get away from your mundane life, but it can also be stressful and unfavourable to our health if we are constantly on the go. Following a few above tips will help you stay fit, stronger, and happier.



1) How to prevent diarrhea while traveling?

Here are a few measures you can take to prevent while traveling:

Don't eat anything from a street seller.

Unpasteurized milk and dairy products, especially ice cream, should be avoided.

Meat, fish, and shellfish that are uncooked or undercooked should be avoided.

Avoid moist, room-temperature food, such as sauces and buffet dishes.

Consume items that have been thoroughly prepared and are served hot.

2) Does Travelling weaken your immune system?

Traveling can cause physical and emotional stress (with packing, making sure you make your flight on time, sticking to a strict schedule, etc.) can weaken your immune system. Travel cheerfully to keep your immune system strong and your energy levels up. It will keep you motivated and active if you take the right vitamins. Simple components like cucumber, honey, and lemon mixed in pure drinking water will help you maintain your energy levels while also providing the body with essential vitamins.

3) How to maintain personal hygiene while traveling?

Here are a few things you can follow to maintain personal hygiene while traveling:

Wash your hands regularly.

Don’t drink water from taps or from unfiltered bottles.

While on the move, sanitize.

Don’t share your water bottle with others

Become more spatially aware.

Maintain a clean face and body.

4) Why is it advisable to avoid junk food while traveling?

Eating junk food while traveling can cause harmful diseases. Artificial or highly processed ingredients can make you thirsty and compel you to drink water every few minutes as pure drinking water is a limited resource.


Food should not be shared.

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