Is It Healthy to Drink Water from a Water Purifier?

2022-09-21 06:11:41Is It Healthy to Drink Water from a Water Purifier?
Is It Healthy to Drink Water from a Water Purifier?

Purified Water is frequently mentioned in relation to the most recent hot topic of "clean and sanitary water."

So, will it be beneficial if you drink impure and unsafe drinking water? No! The water you consume has a direct effect on the body, hence drinking clean and purified water is quite important to maintain good health and overall well-being.

Your body tends to lose water due to regular activities. So, it needs to be hydrated from time to time. Drinking purified water will re-energize the body and keep malady at bay. We live in a modernised world where urbanisation and industrialisation take the front stage. Due to this, there is a huge impact on the environment we live in and the water resources are no more pristine. They are prone to several harmful pollutants and water coming from these sources can’t be consumed without proper purification. Although the tap water (municipal water) is filtered at a municipal level, it can still contain a lot of harmful impurities. The groundwater or bore water will also be high in TDS due to various reasons. Hence it becomes even more necessary to install a water purifier for home to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water daily.
Why should you drink lots of water? And how much water should you be drinking in a day? Let’s first answer these questions.

Benefits of drinking water:

All of the body's systems are kept in proper functioning condition by water. According to the Harvard Medical School Special Health Report 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating: water serves a variety of functions:

  • You will start losing weight. When consumed prior to a meal, water acts as a natural appetite suppressant, allowing you to ingest less calories overall. It's also the first zero-calorie diet beverage in the world.
  • You're going to shine. Water soothes dry, irritated skin and increases skin elasticity, making you appear younger and more energised.
  • Productivity. Staying hydrated keeps you focused and awake, which helps you be more productive and concentrate better.
  • Headaches and back pain are commonly caused by dehydration. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day can aid in the relief of these symptoms.
  • Drinking water also helps you feel more energised and replenishes electrolytes lost via perspiration. Extend your workouts and make them more intense!
  • Water aids digestion by speeding up the metabolism and allowing you to have a regular bowel movement.
  • No more aches! Staying hydrated can help with cramps and arthritis. By lubricating joints, it prevents muscle strains.
  • According to Medical News Today, 8 glasses of water a day keeps the doctor away! Drinking extra water will help your immune system.

Purified Water comes from the same source as Filtered Water, however, it is a better version of the latter. When compared to conventional Filter Water, the process of purifying water is extensive and complex.

The processes are time-consuming and entail chemical reactions such as displacement, reverse osmosis, and deionization, among others. It employs cutting-edge technology and provides the finest possible service to its customers.

As we already know, impure water not only does not help the body, it harms it.

Here are the top reasons why you should consume only purified water

1. Water purifiers eliminate the unwanted impurities

The tap water that you consume might contain various harmful impurities like heavy metals, man-made chemicals, organic waste particles, minerals, and microorganisms. If you consume water which contains so many pollutants, it can cause serious health hazards. Even though these impurities are invisible to the naked eye, the water is not fit for consumption.

2. Provides an additional layer of protection

Your taps might be getting municipal water which is already treated. However, municipal water is treated using chemicals like chlorine. Chlorine is nothing but bleach which is not good for health. Additionally, there is a chance that the water which is treated at the municipal level may get mixed up with harmful pollutants while it passes through the water pipes and water tanks which are often not cleaned properly or well-maintained. So, it is important to use water purifiers at home because it adds an extra layer of protection by removing all harmful impurities and provides safe drinking water.

3. Environmentally safe alternative to bottled water

Even though bottled water is purified mineral water, Consuming bottled water is not economical for regular use. It is ideal for use while you travel or on a temporary basis. Usage of bottled water regularly also leads to more disposal of single-use plastic which harms the environment. Hence, using water purifiers is not only cost-effective but also reduces the usage of plastic and helps keep the earth green.

4. Improves the taste of water and removes bad odour in the water

Water that contains high levels of TDS or contaminants often has a metallic taste and may even have more salinity. The impurities present in the water cause the weird smell which hits you whenever you drink water. The solution for this problem is to use Pureit water purifiers that have pre RO and Post RO carbon filters which removes coarse particulate impurities, dirt, chlorine, pesticides and other organic impurities. In addition, improving the taste of the water.

5. Budget-friendly option

Compared to consuming bottled water on a regular basis, using water purifiers is a budget-friendly option. It is a one-time investment which you need to make for access to clean drinking water 24/7. You only need to pay for the maintenance costs depending on the type of water purifier and filters required.

6. Removes different types of pollutants

Water contains different types of contaminants like harmful chemicals, pesticides, metals, minerals and microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. There are different types of water purification systems which can treat various types of impurities in water. RO water purifiers will eliminate TDS whereas UV kills all the germs. A multi-stage purifier like RO + UV + UF not only removes TDS but also various other impurities like particulate matter which is invisible to naked. All you need to do is find out the quality of the water and check whether it contains more percentage of TDS. Then check out the RO water purifier price and choose a purifier which fits your requirements and budget. You can also opt for multi-stage water purifiers like RO + UV + MF, etc., to ensure that you get access to 100% purified water.

7. Save a significant amount of time

Time management is critical in our fast-paced life, and it's not something that can be overlooked. While we all know that boiling water eliminates germs and makes water drinkable, it can take a long time, particularly when boiling a significant amount of water. It is possible that your morning routine might not allow for time to boil water every morning. There are also traditional water filters that may be obtained on the market for a lower price. However, they are not as effective as modern water filters. Furthermore, they can be very slow in filtering water. If you don't have time for all of that, a water purifier with good storage might work best for you.

8. Totally free of microbes

Microorganisms are present in every part of our lives. They're in everything and everywhere, and the majority of them are hazardous and have negative impacts on our bodies when taken. As a result, these must be removed. All microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, and parasites, are eliminated from filtered water throughout the multi-step purification process. This renders the purified water safe to drink and protects us from a variety of waterborne illnesses.

9. Makes you feel healthier and happier

According to a study conducted by Livestrong, purified water aids in weight loss more effectively. It also revitalises the skin and hair scalp, leaving them bright and firm. Constipation and acidity are the most common digestive problems that can be treated by drinking clean water.