Things to consider while taking care of your reverse osmosis water purifier

2024-01-11 23:14:24Things to consider while taking care of your reverse osmosis water purifier
Things to consider while taking care of your reverse osmosis water purifier

Water purifiers are devices that ensure clean and safe water for drinking. They require cleaning to maintain optimal function to prevent the multiplication of bacteria and other harmful elements. Consuming safe drinking water significantly impacts our health, making it imperative to clean the reverse osmosis water purifier occasionally. Neglecting proper maintenance and care might lead to the water purifier functioning inadequately, potentially resulting in the consumption of contaminated water.

Why is it important to clean your water purifier?

Regularly cleaning your reverse osmosis water purifier is essential to maintain optimal functionality, prevent bacterial growth, and ensure the continuous delivery of clean and safe drinking water for your health and well-being
● Accumulation of dirt or pests surrounding the filter diminishes their effectiveness. An uncommon taste or smell arises as a result. This issue primarily stems from infrequent filter changes, resulting in blockages and compromised filter functionality.
● Neglecting to take care of the reverse osmosis water purifier may reduce its life and lead to slow water flow. This issue occurs when filters gradually clog due to removing typical physical impurities like dust or inadequate water pressure.

How do you clean the exterior of a Pureit water purifier?

1. Clean the tap nozzle using disinfectants like bleach/hypochlorite (50 PPM available chlorine). Discard 2 liters of water after cleaning the dispenser.
2.  Clean the external portion of the best ro water purifier for home using a dry cloth only. Do not use any detergent or soap.
3. Do not clean aggressively or rub the surface, as this might lead to scratches on the parts. Also, do not put heavy objects on the purifier while cleaning.
4. Never splash water on the reverse osmosis water purifier while cleaning. As the water might get into the sockets.
5. Do not try to open the purifier for cleaning or any replacements on your own. This can be done only by a qualified Pureit personnel or an authorized agent.
6. You should maintain good hygiene around your water purifier. Ensure that this area is free of ants/insects/other pests.
7. Take care of the reject lines and other tubes while cleaning the purifier, or water can flow to the kitchen.

Tips to extend the life of your Pureit water purifier:

 ➔ The purifier should not be connected to any hot water. Do not run over 45 degrees through the best water purifier in India.

 ➔ Always rely on the warning of the Smartsense Indicators (advance alert systems) to change the Germkill kit. Auto-shut off and Digital Purity Lock is the accurate assurance of safety
➔ Always invest in authentic Pureit GKK filters tailored to your system. These high-quality, genuine filters are meticulously crafted to eliminate an extensive array of contaminants and particles from your water source, all while upholding exceptional performance standards.
➔ When shifting home, get the purifier duly inspected and packed by the Pureit technician. remove water from the storage tank and load the purifier properly.
➔ Always switch off the electrical power while away or during the overhead tank cleaning.
➔ Please dispose of the used consumables like sediment filters, carbon, membranes, and household wastes through the municipal disposal system.
➔ Stay updated with the user manual or Pureit’s guidelines for any specific maintenance or cleaning instructions unique to your RO system model.

For your safety:

➔ Do not plug or unplug the power cord with wet hands to avoid any untoward accident due to electrical shock
➔ If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced immediately.
➔ If the UV lamp breaks, carefully sweep all the fragments, wipe the area with a wet towel, and dispose of all the pieces in a sealed plastic bag—hand over the bag to the service technician for proper disposal.

Bottom Line

Choosing a reverse osmosis water purifier for your home is essential to protecting your family's health^^. Buying the water purifier is an investment in your health^^, and Pureit's reputation adds to its credibility.
It is essential to follow safety guidelines to maintain the best water purifier in India. Cleaning and caring for your water purifier regularly ensures access to safe, and pleasant water. By following the cleaning instructions, you can maximize the benefits of a water purifier.

A well-maintained water purifier also helps with the appliance's life. Keeping the external components clean can extend the purifier's life and avoid costly repairs and damage.
^^ Safety from waterborne diseases