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Boost Your Lifestyle And Immunity With RO Purifiers

2022-10-07 00:49:56Boost Your Lifestyle And Immunity With RO Purifiers
Boost Your Lifestyle And Immunity With RO Purifiers
Boost Your Lifestyle And Immunity With RO Purifiers

The most underrated nutrient, water, has a wide range of health advantages when consumed in the proper amounts. In fact, many people have dubbed water the "elixir of life." As we all know, water makes up over 70% of the human body and affects each and every cell to hydrate, cleanse, and maintain body temperature, all of which contribute to leading a healthy lifestyle.


Your body can be invaded by germs and viruses at any time, yet healthy people rarely experience this invasion. A bothersome headache, a skin rash, sensitive digestion, an itchy throat, or a sniffle are all signs that anything is wrong with us from our bodies. Different people respond to these messages with varying degrees of intensity. However, have you ever wondered why this occurs and what the underlying reason is? Doctors are correct when they say that our way of life is seriously harming our health. Nowadays, when people lead hectic lives, they don't have time to take care of themselves.

Water - The Vital Nutrient That Your Body Needs Every Day

  • Structure of the Cell Integrity:

Water is necessary to preserve the integrity of cells such as those in the hair, skin, and nails. To some extent, it also aids in the formation of collagen, which is beneficial from an anti-aging standpoint. Drinking water also functions as a lubricant, which lowers friction, and helps to maintain the integrity of the joints and the spinal cord.

  • Keeps the Body Temperature Consistent

Body temperature maintenance requires maintaining fluid equilibrium. Your body temperature must be kept stable in order for your enzymes to work effectively; otherwise, the majority of bodily functions risk ceasing.

  • Expels Body Fat

Studies by NLM have linked drinking water with a decrease in body fat since it has been shown to offer advantages.

  • Rehydrate yourself

Since thirst is the concluding symptom of dehydration, it is crucial to drink water throughout the day. Energy levels decline as a result of dehydration, which also weakens the immune system. As a result of the body's failure to buffer the lactate buildup, extreme water loss may result in cramps. Due to severe dehydration and a lack of fluids, even athletes frequently experience hyperthermia or even cause a drop in blood pressure. Whenever dehydration occurs—whether due to diarrhoea, a lack of water, the stomach flu, or excessive drug use—prompt rehydration is essential.

  • Great oral health:

When is the best time to drink water? Well, this is among the most often asked queries. Prior to a meal? following a meal? after a meal? Water consumption with each of these three meals promotes better food digestion. It promotes the creation of saliva, which has electrolytes, enzymes that aid in food digestion and maintain dental health. Food digestion starts in the mouth, and as we get older, our ability to produce saliva also decreases. Increase your water intake if you notice that your mouth feels dry.

  • Helps in Detoxification

The most crucial role of water is in detoxification, which also supports immune system development. The body accumulates a lot of toxins throughout the day, whether they come from the environment, diet, or another source. Sweat, faeces, and urine all function as detoxifying agents. Maintaining body temperature is another benefit of sweating. Dehydration can cause kidney stones, firm stools, and constipation.

Types of water and their impact on health:

What we eat and drink has an impact on our every day health. Most of us are ignorant about the fact that the type of water we drink also affects our overall lifestyle and health.

1. Tap Water

Various physical and chemical contaminants can be found in the water that comes out of our taps. Even though tap water contains fluoride and several critical minerals, it is still necessary to cleanse tap water before ingesting due to numerous contaminants. Drinking tap water untreated can be dangerous and cause illnesses that are potentially fatal. The presence of toxins that can harm your health makes it unwise to drink tap water in a nation like India without first cleaning it.

2. Filtered Tap Water

Many people also abide by filtered tap water which is no good either.The end result is not clean water, regardless of whether you use a pitcher filter or a filter that attaches directly to the faucet. This form of filtration may remove physical pollutants like sand and other particles, but it does not remove contaminants that are concealed. It is just as hazardous as consuming straight tap water. Purchasing a high-quality water purifier is always advised if you want access to pure, hygienic drinking water.

3. RO Water

Due to the contaminants in tap water, RO water purifiers have recently become standard in every household. The pH balance of the cleaned water makes it safe for eating. RO water is safe to drink for your general health because it has been cleansed and fortified with minerals.

How RO purified water helps in leading a healthy lifestyle?

Removing heavy metals:

According to National Library of Medicine, long-term exposure to heavy metals in water can result in cancer, organ and neurological system damage, stunted growth and development, and other major health issues. And the tapwater contains large amounts of heavy metals as cadmium, mercury, and lead. This contaminated water can result in long-term chronic illnesses and impairments if the concentrations exceed the permissible limits.

Hence, an RO water filter indirectly helps in leading a healthy lifestyle by enabling continous access to safe drinking water. The carbon filters in the RO water purifier eliminate all impurities from your water source. Pureit RO purifiers also have Special Mineral Catridges which adds essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium which are crucial for maintaining health and increasing immunity.

Helps in weight loss:

Increasing your water intake means consuming less calorie filled beverages like soda, tea or even coffee. Additionally, drinking water instead of a beverage can help you quench your thirst faster and also helps you stay away from excess sugar. So the next time your stomach grumbles, grab for a glass of an Pureit RO purified water!


With an RO water purifier, you can reach your weight loss goals comprehensively.

Copper enriched immunity:

Copper RO water purifiers are the latest cutting edge purifiers that combines ancient and modern values to improve community health. The RO water purifier typically comprises of many membranes. Similar to this, Pureit Copper RO uses the RO+UV technology to purify water, and after the purification, copper ions are added to enrich the water with necessary nutrients. An automatic copper cleaning feature is also included. It guarantees that you get clean, freshly copper-charged water. Thus, boosting immunity and digestion.

Protecting from waterborne diseases:

Only 50% of India's population, according to a UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) assessment, has access to properly managed drinking water. Contaminated drinking water can include dangerous bacteria and viruses. While the RO membranes does not allow any heavy metals, chemicals or TDS to pass through the water. The UV chamber helps in destroying the bacteria and viruses.

The ideal RO purifier for your home

Pureit RO + UV water purifiers have a UV chamber that kills any remaining bacteria and viruses which are invisible to the naked eye in the water. This indicates that the water from a RO water purifier is devoid of pathogenic bacteria eventually providing pure water.


The all new Pureit Vital Series has a Filtra Power Technology that is globally proven to remove numerous viruses, bacteria, cysts, chemicals and pesticides. Unlike a normal RO purifier, this device consists of an RO membrane protector that safeguards the membrane components from scaling, foul smell and contaminants, ensuring the membranes last long. This way your RO membranes last longer providing you clean water for a forever healthy lifestyle


The consumption of RO water has a number of advantages. Install a Pureit RO water purifier right away to advance your journey to health.

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