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Smart Water Purifiers - Future Trends And Benefits

2023-03-09 19:32:19Smart Water Purifiers - Future Trends And Benefits
Smart Water Purifiers Future trends you must know about- Pureit Water India

In the year 2024, all we need is for our home appliances to meet the latest innovation, which saves our time and gives us maximum protection as consumer. 

And when it comes to a home appliance like a smart water purifier, it is an absolute necessity we don’t want to take any risk with. 

Living in a contaminated and dangerous environment leads to various health problems. As a result, the demand for high-quality smart water purifiers has skyrocketed. The advanced decontamination process removes polluting influences and microorganisms from water, making it safe for use.

The Trend of the Water Purifier Industry of India in 2024

Growing awareness of the benefits of clean water consumption, urbanization, and industrialization, as well as government initiatives and campaigns, are driving the global market. Furthermore, the growing number of water-borne diseases, particularly in developing countries, is further driving the market. The global smart water purifiers Market report provides a comprehensive market analysis. The report thoroughly examines the market's key segments, trends, drivers, restraints, competitive landscape, and factors.

More people, particularly in the post-pandemic era, are rethinking their lifestyles and becoming more health-conscious and conscious of the water they consume. The increased awareness, combined with modern lifestyle changes, has resulted in most Indians wanting a water purifier in their homes, increasing the size of the smart water purifier market. The trend can be compared to previous trends in cities such as Delhi, which saw increased demand for air purifiers due to the continuous deterioration of air quality. Similarly, smart water purifiers are no longer considered luxury items. They have become indispensable.

How are RO purifiers emerging as smart water purifier?

RO water purifiers are water purification systems that allow water molecules to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. This causes the water molecules to migrate to the other side, leaving dissolved salts and other impurities behind. Reverse osmosis water purifiers generally aid in the removal/elimination of natural toxins, suspended solids, gases, and unwanted chemicals from water, resulting in clean water. We make water suitable for specific purposes by using the purification method. Most water is cleaned and sterilised for human consumption (drinking water); however, water decontamination can also be performed for various other purposes, including clinical, pharmacological, synthetic, and mechanical applications.

Smart Water Purifier - How is it an absolute necessity in the current situation in India?

Most people in India rely on water cans for their daily drinking water. However, 85% of the water in these cans is unfit for human consumption. Another impediment to the growth of the water purifier industry is people's faith in the age-old boiling water method. 

People eventually realised that boiling water is ineffective at filtering out new-age contaminants and that relying on the water in plastic containers is not only hazardous to one's health but also harmful to the environment. This paves the way for the industry to expand by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Smart water purifiers can assist you in overcoming these obstacles and ensuring clean drinking water straight from the tap. In this article, we will discuss five reasons why you should purify your drinking water. 

Smart water purifiers like Pureit India can purify contaminated water by removing harmful gases, chemicals, bacteria, biological contaminants, fungi, and other impurities. India has the most people without access to safe drinking water worldwide. At least 5% of its 1.25 billion people need access to safe drinking water. Water pollution is being caused by rising population, industrial development, and environmental degradation.

Water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice, and cholera are rising. According to recent World Bank statistics, water-related diseases account for more than 75% of communicable diseases in India.

Benefits of smart water purifiers

As technology continues to evolve, so does the field of water purification. Smart water purifiers are revolutionizing how we access clean and safe drinking water. In this article, we explore the future trends and technological advancements shaping the world of smart water purifiers.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Smart water purifiers incorporate IoT technology, allowing them to connect to the internet and exchange data. This integration enables advanced functionalities like remote monitoring, filter replacement alerts, and real-time water quality analysis. Users can conveniently control and monitor their purifiers through smartphone apps or voice-activated devices, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use.

Enhanced Water Quality Sensors

Future smart water purifiers will feature advanced sensors capable of detecting and analyzing a broader range of contaminants. These sensors can provide real-time data on water quality parameters such as pH levels, dissolved solids, bacteria, and chemical composition. This information empowers users to make informed decisions and take necessary actions to ensure the safety of their drinking water.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Optimal Performance

With the integration of AI, smart water purifiers can continuously learn and adapt to specific water conditions and usage patterns. AI algorithms can optimize filtration processes, adjust purification settings based on the quality of the water source, and even predict filter lifespan. This intelligent operation improves efficiency, minimizes water wastage, and enhances overall performance.
Advanced Filtration Technologies

Future smart water purifiers will integrate advanced filtration technologies to address emerging contaminants. These may include nanotechnology, electro-absorption, or hybrid filtration systems. These technologies can effectively remove micropollutants, pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, and even emerging contaminants like microplastics, ensuring the highest water purity level.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

The future trends in smart water purifiers also focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Manufacturers are developing purifiers that minimize water wastage, optimize energy consumption, and use eco-friendly materials. This eco-conscious approach aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact.

Reasons to Install a Smart Water Purifier in 2024

With the growing land contamination and water pollution, picking a modern water purifier is crucial. Your drinking water's taste, smell, and appearance can all be enhanced by water purification by removing potentially harmful contaminants. Chlorine, soil residue, organic and inorganic pollutants, and other pollutants, are reduced. Here we have stated some crucial reasons to install a water purifier in your home-

#Smart Water Purifier - For Better Water Quality

The quality of water is deteriorating due to urbanisation, industrial development, and industrial waste dumping. This has increased water-borne diseases, forcing the Indian population to instal water purifiers in their homes. It is difficult to find drinking water that is both clean and safe.

#Smart Water Purifier - For Better Health 

The growing awareness of water-borne diseases has increased the demand for water purifiers in India. A growing number of consumers recognise the advantages of drinking cleaner water. Furthermore, water purifier marketers are developing marketing strategies as part of an awareness campaign to educate people about the various smart water purifiers

#Smart Water Purifier - For all Types of Budget

Yes, there is one for everyone. Manufacturers are developing low-cost water purifiers to gain market share. For example, Pureit Smart Water purifiers cost between 8 thousand to 27 thousand, so you can choose the right fit according to your budget. All these purifiers meet international USEPA standards TO ensure the quality of the device. 

Types of smart water purification systems 

RO Water Purifier:Starting with the most popular method of water purification- is RO, It is so popular that the terms 'RO' and 'water purifier' are used interchangeably. RO purifiers remove not only bacteria and viruses, but also harmful dissolved impurities. For example, Pureit’s range of RO offers water purifiers, Check out ro water purifier price.

UV Water Purifier:In India, this type of water purifier is used to purify tap and municipal corporation water. For example, Pureit Copper UV Plus Water Purifier is popular in India. 

RO+UV Water Purifier:RO+UV water purifiers are the most popular smart water purifiers. This is the best of both worlds. If you want the highest purification from water contaminations like heavy metals and pollution toxins through a semi-permeable membrane, and when a RO water purifier adds UV filtration, you will have the most hygienic, contamination, virus and bacteria-free drinking water. 

So, if you are also in search of a smart water purifier then Pureit Ultima Eco Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier with 10L Storage is your one-stop solution. Pureit Ultima Eco is an advanced water saver purifier with a digital display panel showing your drinking water's purity. It has a multi-stage advanced RO+UV+MF purification system that provides 100% safe water.

The Digital Purity Indicator in this modern water purifier detects water purity up to 5000 times per second to determine how safe your water is. TDS in and TDS out levels for your drinking water are displayed.

The built-in Smartsense Indicators in this water purifier alert you 15 days before the filter expires, and Auto Shut Off turns off the water if the filter is not changed. Water that is both safe and tasty is guaranteed.


Water purifiers are in high demand due to the country's increasing pollution and lack of fresh water supply. Over the last five years, the demand for water purifiers has increased with rising health concerns and consumer awareness. Do check out Pureit’s range of smart water purifiers online. 


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