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Why using Pureit Copper⁺ RO is better than drinking water from copper vessels?

2022-04-04 02:23:13Why using Pureit Copper⁺ RO is better than drinking water from copper vessels?
Why using Pureit Copper⁺ RO is better than drinking water from copper vessels?
Why using Pureit Copper⁺ RO is better than drinking water from copper vessels?

Consumers today are getting increasingly conscious of innovations which entail good health and wellbeing. More than ever, there is now a stronger belief in reviving traditional practices while still maintaining stride with modern technology – and this phenomenon is very well apparent even when it comes to clean drinking water. One such practice, lauded in ancient Ayurveda, is drinking water stored in copper vessels. Copper is a magical ingredient with numerous benefits. It aids digestion, strengthens immunity and works wonders for hair and skin while enhancing overall health and well-being. Read more about the benefits of consuming copper water.

However, along with these benefits, there are also several challenges associated with cleaning and maintaining copper vessels. To overcome these challenges, Pureit launched Pureit Copper⁺ RO, which through its breakthrough Copper Charge Technology™ provides the goodness of Copper in 100% RO purified water. Using Pureit Copper⁺ RO has the following benefits compared to drinking water stored in copper vessels.


  • Instant infusion of 99.8% pure copper


Traditionally to get the health benefits of copper, water needed to be stored in a copper vessel overnight for 8 to 10 hours. Now this is certainly time consuming and tedious. Pureit Copper⁺ RO with its Copper Charge Technology™ instantly charges water with 99.8% pure copper in real time. This ensures you always have access to fresh copper RO water at just the click of a button without waiting for it to be stored overnight.


  • Right amount of copper in every glass of water


It’s also interesting to know that water stored in copper vessels can never guarantee right amount of copper infusion as this depends on various factors like age and size of vessel, storage time and quality of water. Pureit Copper⁺ RO, with its Precise Dosing feature, ensures that every glass of water gets the right amount of copper each time, to consistently deliver the health benefits.


  • Hassle-free cleaning of copper


One of the biggest challenges with drinking water stored in a copper vessel is regular cleaning of the vessel. As copper is a reactive metal and oxidizes upon reaction with oxygen, copper vessels tend to develop a blackish or green layer on their surfaces over a period. Water stored in such vessels may become toxic and unhealthy. Pureit Copper⁺ RO with its Intelligent Copper Auto Cleaning feature relieves you from this hassle. This feature automatically cleans copper and ensures fresh dose of it in every glass of water. Hence, no more worrying about the daily cleaning of copper vessels.


  • Choice between normal RO and copper RO water


Pureit Copper⁺ RO has been especially designed keeping in mind all your water requirements. With Dual Dispensing feature, you can choose between normal RO water and Copper RO water at the touch of a button. This saves time and effort in comparison to a copper vessel in which water first needs to be purified and then stored overnight as well.


We recommend using Pureit Copper⁺ RO owing to the multiple health benefits it brings to you and your family. Explore all the features of Pureit Copper⁺ RO.

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