Worried about the wastage of water while using an RO? Meet the RO water purifiers of the hour!

2022-04-04 01:59:36Worried about the wastage of water while using an RO? Meet the RO water purifiers of the hour!
Worried about the wastage of water while using an RO? Meet the RO water purifiers of the hour!

Reverse Osmosis or RO water purification is one of the most popular and promising methods for purifying water. RO purification is known to remove even the minutest of the impurities from water, while turning high TDS (salty tasting) water into sweet tasting potable water. There are multiple benefits of using an RO water purifier , lately there have been a lot of questions about the water wastage during the purification process.


Many believe that RO technology wastes more water than required for the filtration as about three times of the water is thrown or wasted than getting purified. Which means to purify 1 glass of water up to 2.5 glasses of water is wasted.


Pureit water purifiers have always believed in minimizing this water wastage across our range of water purifiers. As it is our endeavor to reduce this wastage further, we have launched our new range of Eco RO water purifiers - Pureit Eco Water Saver, Pureit Max Water Saver and Pureit Marvella Eco.


These RO water purifiers are powered with Eco Recovery™ Technology that provides efficient RO purification to give the high water saving compared to any other ROs in the market. While a usual RO water purifier has a recovery rate of about 25%, Pureit Eco range of RO water purifiers have a high recovery rate of 60% which means compared to a regular RO, these water purifiers can save up to 80 glasses of water daily*. This means a saving of up to 29,200 glasses of water in a year!


Pureit Eco range of water purifiers come loaded with various purification features as well. They give you 100% safe and pure drinking water using its Advanced 7 Stage RO+UV+MF Purification. These RO water purifiers also add essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium into the purified water. They have an inbuilt Double Purity Lock – an Advanced Alert System that gives you timely alert to change your GKKs. They can remove up to 2000ppm TDS and are effective to treat multiple sources of water may it be borewell, tanker, or tap water.


Pureit always recommends its consumers to always utilize the reject water, as it can be easily repurposed, rather than discarding it. You can use the reject water for floor cleaning, gardening, cleaning utensils, flushing toilets and so forth. Hence, no more worrying about the excessive water wastage.



  • 5 member family with a daily consumption of 2L/ person
  • Glass quantity of 200 ml
  • Permeate recovery rate of 30% for other ROs


Based on permeate recovery rate.



Which RO purifier wastes less water?

Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF water purifier is powered with Eco Recovery Technology which delivers efficient purification and other highest water savings compared to other RO purifiers. This purifier wastes less water, i.e., one glass for every glass of water compared to other purifiers that waste 2.5 glass for every glass of water.

Do all water purifiers waste water?

For every 1 liter of filtered water, an average RO purifier wastes around 3 liters of water. That indicates that just 25% of the water gets cleansed and 75% of the water is wasted. The amount of water wasted varies depending on the type of RO purifier used.

Can you drink RO waste water?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters out the impurities by using a membrane technology that needs additional water. A high percentage of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water makes it unfit for consumption. If you consume RO waste water, it may cause stomach upset, constipation, skin diseases, cancer, liver, kidney problems, or reproductive difficulties.

Why do water purifiers waste water so much?

For every 1 liter of filtered water, an average RO water purifier wastes approximately 3 liters of water. While the purifier has numerous advantages, it wastes water due to its membrane technology, which necessitates the use of additional water to clean the filter, which is then discarded. However, the amount of rejected water varies depending on the unit.

Can RO wastewater be used for washing utensils?

Yes, RO wastewater can be used to wash off utensils because the left-out salt content in it does not let the leftover food stick to the utensils.