5 ways of reusing the discarded water from an RO water purifier

2022-02-24 05:47:145 ways of reusing the discarded water from an RO water purifier
5 ways of reusing the discarded water from an RO water purifier

An RO water purifier is the most trusted and widely used water purification technology in India. It is also the only purification system that can successfully remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), chemicals, and other harmful impurities such as lead, mercury and arsenic which can cause damage to a human body. While it offers safe and pure drinking water, it has got one drawback – Wastage of Water.


The water wastage is a result of the RO membrane filtering out the impure water which is high in TDS and other impurities. While this water is unfit for consumption or bathing, it surely can be utilized for many other purposes.

Here are few easy ways of re-using the rejected water.

1. Use it for mopping and cleaning

A lot of water gets wasted every day in cleaning our houses. Most of this water can be easily replaced with the discarded water from an RO water purification system. The rejected water can be simply re-used used for mopping and cleaning the house.

2. Use it to water your garden

Using reject water to water your plants can prove to be beneficial for the longevity of the plants and their growth. You can first test it on a few plants to see how the growth of those plants is affected by the change in water. Most of the plants can easily grow with water TDS level ranging up to 2000ppm.

3. Use it to wash utensils

This can be one of the best ways to utilize the wastewater from a water purifier. Mostly the wastewater pipe is placed near the kitchen sink and hence it can be easily utilized for cleaning the dishes and other utensils.

4. Use it to clean cars or washrooms

Cleaning toilets or washing cars require many buckets of water. Hence, to avoid water wastage, the rejected water can be utilized for these purposes.

5. Use it for your water coolers

Just mix some tap water with the wastewater and it can be repurposed for filling the water coolers in summers.

Using all these methods to re-use water can be extremely useful but it can also be time and effort-consuming. Which is why Pureit has introduced - Pureit Eco Water saver water purifier. It uses Eco RecoveryTM Technology that delivers efficient purification while giving you high water saving compared to other ROs. It can help you save up to 80 glasses of water daily, resulting in minimal water wastage.

These little measures can make a world of difference for the environment. Hence, while you make sure the safety of your family with clean drinking water, we also urge you to be mindful of water wastage and save as much water as possible with these simple tips. You can also check out what is reverse osmosis to understand the importance of RO+UV water filter usage in home.