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Purified Water- Process and Benefits

2023-02-22 00:50:51Purified Water- Process and Benefits
Purified Water- Process and Benefits - Pureit Water India

Water is an essential resource for all living beings, and its quality directly impacts our health and well-being. In our quest for clean and safe water, various purification methods have been developed. One such method is the purification of water to remove impurities, resulting in what is known as purified water. In this article, we will delve into the concept of purified water, its significance, and the different methods used to achieve it.


Understanding water's crucial function in the body can be a fountain of health given that our bodies are almost two-thirds water. One of the easiest methods to ensure all bodily processes are running as smoothly as possible is to ensure the maximum use of purified water


It's simple to become overwhelmed by all the health and wellness methods and practices promoted in today's society. It shouldn't be difficult to start living a healthy lifestyle and keep it up; simplicity is crucial. Unfortunately, a crucial fact that we frequently overlook is the fact that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health. This is because there is so much emphasis on health regimens that promise significant advantages quickly. Because of this, we concentrate our efforts on filtered water, one of the most important components of any successful health routine.

What is Purified Water?

Purified water refers to water that has undergone a process of purification to remove contaminants, impurities, and undesirable substances. The purification process eliminates substances such as chemicals, pollutants, microbes, and minerals, resulting in water that is clean, clear, and safe for consumption. Purified water can be further classified into various types based on the specific purification method employed.

Why you need purified water ?


Numerous health advantages of drinking purified water have been proven to have favourable physiological and psychological benefits. Here are some top health advantages of drinking purified water:


You must find a way to have access to filtered water because only around 2.5% of the water that is accessible on Earth is fit for consumption. Let’s dive deep into why purifying water is essential and the uses of purified water

Water filtration can keep hazardous organisms at bay


Unfiltered water may include bacteria that cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and even death, according to studies. To give people safe drinking water, water filtration systems must purify the water and eradicate harmful microbes. 90% of the water supply in the world is unfit for drinking if it is not purified or treated in some way. Additionally, well water and groundwater are typically hard and rich in calcium and magnesium. While initially not dangerous to your health, hard water quickly speeds up the ageing of your home's appliances and creates unsightly, rust-coloured stains close to your drains.

Toxic metals are removed from water by filtration


Water is thought to include a variety of minerals, including copper and magnesium, in addition to the microbes. Even while some of these elements aren't inherently dangerous to one's health or life, they could react with other minerals like lead and copper, which are bad for the human body, and cause adverse effects. Removing as many minerals from the water as feasible allows a range of treatments to be used to assist in reducing risk and sickness, including disinfection agents, chemicals, and filtering systems. This is one of the major uses of purified water.

Improves Muscle and Joint Health


It is critical to maintain a regular physical fitness programme by drinking plenty of filtered water. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, you are probably concerned about your physical fitness. Given that muscle strengthening and joint exertion are essential components of an active lifestyle, you must ensure that you have good joint and muscle health. Better joint and muscular health is one of filtered water's many benefits.

You may already know that water makes up the bulk of the human body. In actuality, water makes up 75% of the body's muscles. This means that providing our bodies with enough purified water is crucial for maintaining the finest potential level of muscular health. A further advantage of consuming purified water is that staying hydrated greatly lowers a person's risk of injury and cramps. Finally, pure water is essential for maintaining healthy joint lubrication. Uses of purified water will help you perform at your best.

Helps to reduce weight


Staying hydrated helps with unnecessary cravings and eating disorders. Purified water has been shown to greatly increase your body's metabolism and even moderately reduce your appetite. There are no defined limits on how much water you can consume daily because it contains zero calories, which is particularly advantageous while trying to lose weight. 

Makes you feel energetic


Surely a cup of coffee in the morning can give you a good dose of energy but at the same time, it makes you dehydrated. You will have greater energy if you drink filtered water. The well-known "8 glasses rule" suggests consuming eight glasses of eight ounces of water every day which means one glass every hour. However, the amount of water you should drink every day is determined by your body's demands. Dehydration, in any case, has an impact on your mood and focus. You can boost your brain processes and cognitive capacities by drinking filtered water, which will lead to a better lifestyle.

Better digestion and gastric health 


Your digestive function will be helped if you drink pure water. It aids in the breakdown of the molecules from digested food to encourage nutrient absorption because it is free of contaminants and toxins. It is known human body needs water to break down food consumption d to aid in forming gastric issues. One of the key uses of purified water is also to help the liver and kidneys operate better.


Purified water promotes healthier lifestyle choices


You don't benefit from having water in your home that tastes bad and is unhealthy. If drinking water doesn't taste nice, it may not only have a negative impact on your health, but it may also influence the decisions you make every day. Drinking bad-tasting water has an impact on your judgement. Simply not drinking enough water can cause you to become tired and gravitate toward bad foods. 

Types of purified water

Understanding the different types of purified water can help individuals make informed choices about the water they use, considering their specific needs and preferences. Here are the types of purified water:

 Distilled Water

Distilled water is produced through the process of distillation. In this method, water is heated, and the steam is collected and condensed back into liquid form, leaving behind impurities. Distillation effectively removes minerals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, resulting in water that is considered highly pure. However, distilled water may lack minerals and can have a flat taste.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis (RO) water is purified using a membrane system that filters out impurities. The process involves forcing water through a semipermeable membrane, which allows only pure water molecules to pass through while blocking larger molecules, contaminants, and minerals. RO water is known for its high level of purification, eliminating various substances such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, and dissolved solids. It produces clean, clear, and odorless water.

Deionized Water

Deionized water, also known as demineralized water, is purified through the process of ion exchange. This method involves passing water through ion exchange resins that attract and remove charged mineral ions, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron. Deionized water is commonly used in laboratories, medical facilities, and industrial applications where the presence of minerals can interfere with processes or reactions. However, deionized water may still contain certain non-ionic contaminants.

UV Treated Water

UV treated water undergoes a purification process that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect and kill microorganisms present in the water. UV rays penetrate the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, disrupting their DNA and rendering them harmless. UV treatment is often used in conjunction with other purification methods to provide an additional layer of disinfection. While UV treatment effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms, it may not remove other types of contaminants or dissolved solids.

Carbon Filtered Water

Carbon filtration involves passing water through activated carbon filters, which are highly porous and have a large surface area. These filters effectively remove impurities by adsorption, where contaminants stick to the surface of the carbon. Carbon filters are capable of removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sediment, some heavy metals, and certain chemicals, resulting in improved taste and odor of the water. However, carbon filtration may not remove all types of contaminants or dissolved solids.

Using water purifiers to get purified water at home

Now that you know the uses of purified water and how it enhances your health, it's time to select a water system that ensures you always have access to purified water and know more about how water gets purified through a high-class water purifier.

As Pureit always believes in providing maximum filtration and pure water to consumers, here are some recommendations which can make that easy for you- 

Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier Pureit Max Water Saver with 10L Storage 


Pureit Max Water Saver is a 7-stage water filter that features innovative water-saving technologies. The Eco Recovery Technology provides excellent purification while saving you a lot of water as compared to other ordinary RO water filters.


It reduces the wastage of water to less than one glass for every glass of water purified, as opposed to other ROs, which waste up to 2.5 glasses for every glass purified. This might save up to 80 glasses every day.


Water is purified by Advanced 7 Stages of RO+UV+MF Purification, providing 100% safe and better-tasting water free of dangerous bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and contaminants. 


The RO membrane protector within enhances the filter life of this device. The device has an antiscalant, which ensures that the RO Membrane lasts as long as possible and prevents components from scaling, unpleasant odours, and pollutants. It includes a large water tank with a capacity of up to 10 litres, ensuring that you have constant access to safe and tasty water throughout the day, even during power outages.

Pureit Vital RO+UV+MP, 6L Storage with FiltraPower Technology: 


This water purifier from the Pureit Vital series is proven to remove hazardous contaminants and deliver clean drinking water. Toxic compounds such as industrial chemicals, insecticides, and pathogens are removed. In this water purifier, water passes through 6 significant filters which ensure that every drop of water is always safe and delicious to drink. Filters pollutants from all types of water, making it safe to drink. 


This water filter also has a powerful UV light life and comes with a long filter life of 6000 Litres, which is twice as long as standard filters. This Pureit Vital Series filter meets the most stringent safety standards by eliminating 1 crore viruses and 10 crore bacteria from 1 litre of water. All these points not only make this purifier an all-rounder but also the best source of purified water every day. 

Pureit Vital Max RO+UV+MP, 7L Storage with FiltraPower Technology 


Just like the Pureit Vital RO+UV+MP,  the Vital Max is also capable of removing harmful toxins and heavy metals from the drinking water using the innovative FiltraPower Technology.  

This water purifier has a built-in advance alarm system that notifies you 15 days before the filter expires, as well as an Auto Shut-OffTM feature that stops the water flow if the filter is not changed. UV Sterilization that kills up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and cysts using a high-powered UV lamp is installed in this purifier. 

Along with the uses of purified water, you can check out more health and wellness content online from Pureit.

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