The Benefits of Using a UV Lamp in Water Purifier

2023-03-09 19:59:14The Benefits of Using a UV Lamp in Water Purifier
The Benefits of Using a UV Lamp in Water Purifier

With the emphasis on health these days, many families are deciding to instal a home water treatment system. Full-service home UV water purifiers can ensure the safety of your water supply, whether it comes from a municipal water system or a private well. In many places, ageing infrastructure and rising densities of homes drawing water from aquifers can contribute to increased pollution. Bacteria and organic organisms such as giardia, e-Coli, and others have been found in both municipal and private well water. One therapy option that may provide peace of mind for your family is ultraviolet technology.


The health of you and your family may be at risk if you use water from natural sources like dams, streams, bores, and rainwater tanks. According to the Department of Health, all naturally sourced water should be professionally tested and treated before being used for drinking, bathing, filling swimming and wading pools, food preparation, or cooking. The removal of microbiological contaminants that might lead to illness can be accomplished using a variety of water treatment systems. One water treatment method that can be used to eliminate the majority of microbiological contamination in water is UV light disinfection.


There are numerous options available for water purification systems. The best solution for the user will be determined by your needs, the toxins present, the user's budget, and the advice of a water treatment professional. A UV lamp in water purifiers can kill up to 99.99 per cent of waterborne bacteria. When used in conjunction with a filtration system, you can also eliminate a variety of other inorganic impurities.


Let's take a look at the benefits that UV water purifiers provide:


Advantages of using UV Lamp in water purifiers:

Municipal water suppliers follow the necessary procedures to meet water quality standards. Homeowners who regularly test their water are also aware of the quality of their water. Chlorine-resistant microbes, such as giardia and cryptosporidium, can still be found in municipal water supplies and are naturally present in wells. These microbes cause hundreds of reported health cases each year. UV water purifiers may be the next step in water filtration, and they are a safe way to keep germs out of your water.

Here are some of the advantages of having a UV lamp in the tank of your water purifier:

Microbe removal from storage tank water 

Many water purifiers include a water tank that can be used to store water and purify it as needed. However, one disadvantage of this function is that the longer water is kept in the tank, the more likely bacterial growth will occur. A UV lamp in water purifier could be a viable solution to this problem. All disease-causing germs and bacteria are destroyed by UV light, making the water safe to drink and use around the house.

Increased water savings

Water waste results from emptying the tank when toxic bacteria and toxins build up in the tank water. You won't need to worry about this if you use UV water purifiers. Doing this can lower overall water waste while lowering your monthly water bill.


UV lights do not encourage algae in the water storage tank. You won't have to deal with cleaning the water storage tank by hand.

These are some of the advantages of UV water purifiers now let's check the functionalities of a UV lamp in water purifiers:


Benefits of UV lamp and how UV lamp works in water purifier explained

With ongoing technological advancements, UV systems, which are already safe and dependable solutions for disinfecting potable water, wastewater, reuse water, and rainwater, will only improve.

Here are some examples of how advances in UV water disinfection technology are making it more clever and efficient:

Maintains Consistency

The minimum standards for secure disinfection are met by water flowing through UV water purifiers when a consistent UV dose is maintained. The ability to calibrate lamps at a higher intensity at first so they can maintain the minimum required intensity until the end of their lifespan is made possible by advancements in lamp technology.

Genuine Observation

Sensors are frequently used in UV systems to alert the user when performance drops below minimum standards. However, it can be annoying when sensors are miscalibrated or when the reason behind an alarm needs to be clarified. Thankfully, more intelligent sensors and remote real-time monitoring continuously increase reliability while requiring less maintenance.

Entire Filtration 

Water-borne pathogens can pass through shadowing created by suspended and dissolved solids in UV water purifiers. More innovative system design, such as dual lamps and reflectors to provide 360-degree UV light coverage that attacks pathogens from all angles, is overcoming this challenge.


Demand for UV water disinfection is rising as some nations actively move away from chemical disinfection due to health and safety concerns. So, if you are also looking for a perfect UV water purifier, Pureit Copper UV Plus Water Purifier with Copper Enrich Technology fits your home. 


Your purified water is provided by an 11 Watt, a Best-in-Class UV lamp in water purifier that kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Even at the highest flow rate, a UV reactor/chamber with a special flow design ensures that 100% of the water is treated by combining the proper UV intensity & exposure. The UV lamp's 5-year warranty and the device's 1-year warranty do not cover consumables or extra accessories.


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