Why do you need a

water purifier?

We mostly associate diseases with a change in weather or having food in unhygienic locations. But we tend to overlook the fact that even water can cause these diseases. Through tap water you might be unknowingly consuming substances like chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides and much more. All it takes is one simple step to avoid this problem: installing a water purifier. Make sure to choose water purifiers with an extensive filtering process so that something as simple as drinking water can be consumed without a worry. Listed below is the range of Pureit’s effective water purifiers.


This range of water purifiers has an advanced 6-stage purification process and also provides you with a digital advance alert system which reminds you before the GermKill kit expires. These purifiers use RO and UV technology and make water potable for you. A complete package, isn’t it?

Automatic Fill

Here you’ll find a wide array of compact water purifiers with an advanced alert system. The auto shut off feature warns you when the protection needs to be updated. The compact design not only removes chlorine and organic impurities like harmful pesticides but also turns natural water to cold water with the help of Power Cool Technology. A safe and convenient choice, all in one. 

Manual Fill

These water purifiers give you a wider choice at affordable prices. The products in this range are made from strong plastic for longer durability. Every drop of water goes through 4 stages of purification which eliminates dirt, harmful parasites and pesticides, bacteria and viruses to give you clear odourless and natural tasting water. What else could you ask for?