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April 17, 2020How to choose the best water purifier for your home?

With a multitude of options available in the market, consumers are often confused when it comes to buying a water purifier for their homes. It is an important decision as it involves ensuring good health and well-being of our families. Continue Reading..

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April 20, 20205 benefits of drinking Copper RO water

Ayurveda has always stressed upon the importance of eating and drinking right for enhancing our health and wellness. One such deep rooted practice in Ayurveda, is of drinking water stored in copper vessels. Continue Reading..

Pureit Copper⁺ RO

July 07, 2020Pureit Promise: Safe installation and service, because your safety is our priority!

Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. We have become highly conscious of our health and hygiene practices now more than ever. Continue Reading..

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